I’ve been a fan of Amazon Prime since last fall when I got my free trial through Amazon Mom.  I used it to get free 2-day shipping on many of the Christmas gifts I ordered.  Now, there’s another reason to be a fan of Amazon Prime.

Just announced:  Anyone with a PAID subscription to Amazon Prime (not a free trial) will receive access to 5,000 Instant Videos and TV Shows via Amazon’s instant video streaming.  Selection seems to be similar to the movies available to watch via Netflix instant streaming.  But at this price, you just may want ditch your Netflix subscription!

Here’s a cost comparison:

  • Netflix: $95/Year – $7.99/month (streaming only) – Free trial HERE
  • Amazon Prime: $79/Year – $6.58/month – Free trial HERE

Of course for a couple dollars more, Netflix offers their one-out-at-a-time option that includes newly released movies and DVDs.  Amazon Prime benefits also include 2-day shipping on most products sold on Amazon.com.  So, which membership is a better deal for your family depends on how many movies you watch and how much you order from Amazon.com.

You can start your one-month trial to Amazon Prime HERE and enjoy the instant video service.  Cancel anytime before your trial is over to avoid being charged.