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Make Your Own Jewellery and Expand Your Brain Power

With modern life so stressful, living life in the fast lane and spending increasing hours at work is taking its toll on our health.     A Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body The human body needs to be active to remain healthy and working properly, but it also needs some precious downtime too, to enable it to regenerate and maintain itself.   Mental health is constantly at the forefront of the news, and Alzheimer’s Disease is regularly highlighted as more and more people fall victim to its onslaught.   Education means awareness and so keeping mentally fit is... read more

Tips for the Perfect Dollhouse Bathroom

When you are designing a dollhouse, one of the most important rooms is the bathroom. Every house must have at least one and the bathroom is a great space where you can add a lot of decoration and detail. Building a dollhouse bathroom allows you to try out some ideas that you might like in your own bathroom – for a much cheaper price than it would cost to do a full scale renovation. Or, if you are creating a dollhouse from a specific historical period you will have the opportunity to recreate the look of the era through the fixtures and the décor. If you are designing... read more

The Positive and Negative Effects of Sun Exposure

The sun is central to all life on the planet. As humans, we need the sun not only to provide us with light, warmth and energy, but we also need the sun to provide us with a healthy level of vitamin D. That being said, excessive amounts of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation have been shown to be a major cause for skin cancer. So, what balance should be struck? How much sun is enough? Vitamin D and the Sun   A small portion of the vitamin D that we need to live comes from foods that we eat, including eggs, fish and certain types of milk. However, the amount of vitamin D... read more

4 Reasons for You to Have a Bunk Bed

King sized beds, normal sized bed or any kind of bed can’t make you have that special and adventurous feeling that you get while sleeping in bunk beds. These beds are nothing but the beds that are placed one above the other and are separated with a ladder that is used to climb on the upper bed. You get to enjoy the feeling of sharing your sleep with someone and not sharing your bed, which children hate, especially when their rude and arrogant cousins come to stay in their houses for vacations. So why do you wish to make your child sacrifice his sleep? Keep him... read more

Online party dresses are a great wardrobe investment

At one time, buying a party dress meant shelling out a fortune. But online stores have made a world of difference in making the most popular fashions extremely affordable through their online stores. Party dresses made of a variety of fabrics, embellished in a zillion ways are today available at extremely affordable prices at various online stores. So, what makes them so affordable online, when they are costlier at shops? Well, the answer lies in the question itself. Shopkeepers need to spend on their stores and various real estate such as props and salespersons. Hence,... read more

Own a beautiful home on the banks of Lake McQueeney TX

You ask any real estate expert about the key factors to consider while investing in property, and they will all hum the same tune. You will hear a collective voice echoing the importance of ‘location’. This is one aspect where you cannot afford to go wrong while buying property. One such fantastic location in Texas to invest in is in Guadalupe County. The surroundings cannot get better with Lake Placid and Lake McQueeney in the vicinity.     Even after you have identified the area in which you want to invest, it is not easy to select the property which is ideal for... read more

A LehengaCholi adds Elegance to your Wardrobe

The lehengacholi is a traditional Indian dress that is a combination of an ankle length skirt, a blouse and a long shawl called the dupatta, this dress is also popularly known as Ghaghra choli. Worn since the days of yore, the lehengacholi is a classic and elegant dress that suits women with any body shape and size. It is no wonder that this beautiful Indian traditional dress has become a rage in South Africa as well.     The only difference between a lehenga and a Ghaghra is that the lehenga is a skirt that has an A cut that is narrow at the waist and has a wider... read more

The Financial Side to Preparing for a Big House Move

  Preparing to move home is both exciting and daunting. There’s so much to plan and prepare for and it can be extremely stressful. One of the things that you really need to prepare for is the cost as there is a huge amount of financial considerations to take into account: Firstly you have to use a reliable, well known, local real estate company such as Brigantine NJ real estate.   However, with so many additional expenses involved with moving home; it’s not just the initial house price you need to worry about.   Shopping around for the best mortgage   Perhaps... read more

Top Reasons for Rising Popularity of Plus-Sized Clothing

In case you are a teenager and want to look the most fashionable but have a plus size body, there is absolutely no need to worry. Teenagers today have the habit of fixating over magazines like ‘Vogue’ and ‘Cosmopolitan’ and making sure that they conform to the conventional needs. They desire to squeeze themselves into the thinly fitted clothes and want to have cheekbones which are almost a mile high.     The Current Trends   ·         These conventional standards make teenagers rather depressed when many of them view their slightly heavy frames before the mirror.... read more

Why Opt For Organic Baby Clothing?

Nowadays people are more aware of the organic products. A large number of parents prefer organic baby clothing to ensure maximum protection of their babies against harmful toxins. Let us discuss what organic baby clothing is along with the hazards of commercially manufactured baby clothing.   WHAT IS ORGANIC FARMING?   In commercial farming, artificial chemicals are added to the soil for growth along with toxic pesticides to kill all sorts of bugs. On the other hand, organic farming is the method in which food and material are produced 100% naturally without the use... read more

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