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I was flying recently and I can say that purchasing one seat is expensive enough. A person should not be penalized for their weight, especially not if it's enough to be a medical concern. Is it weird for me to want to charge "skinny" people extra for being obnoxious and rude to the people who do weigh more? If only we could collect money for discrimination... wait....
I received this right after I came down with a nasty bug before Christmas. I forgot to post in the bustle. I'll be sending this out tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.
You can use the code SIMA4DENIM & get 25% more off your order.
Animal Planet Matching Game $4.99, normally $9.98 Animal Planet Floor Dominoes $4.99, normally $9.98 Animalz Wooden Cow (award-winning, made of partially recycled materials) $4.98, normally $7.99
Ugh, so I had JUST finished filling my entire basket after going through EVERY category on EVERY page (except the infant one). Some items in my cart had sold out while I was doing this but that was fine. Anyways, I go to checkout and one item has sold out. I think 'okay, I'll adjust my order.' I do that and another item sells out. I delete that and oh, another item has sold out now too. This didn't stop at three items. I'm so frustrated now I've decided Gymboree doesn't...
Didn't work for me, it said invalid coupon.
They say justice is blind. In the old school sense I'd say yes, his actions were just. But is it right as a parent? I suppose not. It's tricky. I feel sorry for the girl more than anything. The father should get a lesser sentence but he should still go to jail. There has to be some give and take and taking a life should never be free.
Lock him up and throw away the key.
"Byron Broadstock, defending, said: 'He's brought shame on himself and his family.'" Nope, I'd say it's all on him. His wife should be given an award.
I would argue against ECT for depression. It does have a negative stigma- for good reason. I've met someone who had it. Convo's with her were... interesting. She "wasn't all there." I personally have depression. Let me just say I'd rather be sad for the rest of my life than end up as loopy as the lady I had known.This girl is different though. Even if someone wants to kill, actually doing it and planning it take some work. That's not only evil, that's plain ole'...
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