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There has been a few other times he has grabbed him hard by the arm but I have always been there to stop him. What happens one day when you are not there to stop him. I agree with what everyone else has what is best for you and your son and divorce him. I wish you the best.
My dd had a physical in May of this year. At the time her Dr. did not really address it because her weight was 167. She basicly just told me to watch the soda/juice. Well fast forward to now...she weighs 181. She is 5' 6"...and she has a size 10 shoe. She has always been at the top of the growth chart...even when she was 9 pd baby...well one of them anyway. I do not think puberty has much of a effect on her since she got her period 1.5 yrs ago. We don't keep...
I have a 14yr old dd who needs to lose weight. I'm afraid if I do not do something now she will keep putting it on. I am not even sure how she has managed to do it but she is at least 30-40 pds over weight. I have lost weight and have been keeping it off and so has my husband. We do not eat bad...we work out and she see this. I don't feel we are bad examples. She is an active girl. She plays fast pitch softball and has been doing it since she was 5 yrs old. They practice...
Thanks. Good deal if I can match it with some sales or clearences. i'll also be on the look out for some target coupons so I can use both.
I have a inflatable rental company. We do extreme waterslides and gigantic obstacle coarses and 5-in-1 combos. My husband and I started the busines with another couple about 1.5 yrs ago and it is going awesome. I would give you our website but I don't think I am allowed to post it. You can ask me by pm if you are interested in looking. Our business is based in Florida so we get business all year round. My best advise would to make sure you have a business plan before...
I have been hearing some people talk about doing la 10 day fast or taking colon cleansing pills to detoxify their bodies. Has anyone ever tried any of these measures? Did it work and how did it make you feel after? What are the long turm results....did you lose weight?
Which one do you preferr? I sat in a steam room yesterday and I have to say it made me feel pretty relaxed. I think next time I go to the gym I will try the sauna. They say that both are good for you.
All I drink is water...I drink 80oz at day. I also drink about 8-16oz of coffee each morning. I have been doing this for about two years and I don't miss soda or juice at all.
I read them all. I really enjoyed reading the series. I can't wait to see the movie in November. I'm not saying there were some moments that I though the story dragged on a bit but I did like them all in all. I was sad when I finished the last book.
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