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Does anyone watch this? OMG! This week's episode was soo intense! If you don't watch, but you like the Sopranoes, then you should check it out. It's like the Sopranoes meets Bikers, but without the cussing and a very low body count! (well except this weeks episode.)
Yep, got mine too.
I am shocked to see that Talbots is closing all stores! I know they have closed some, but I thought that their "older" more established stores were still doing OK. I wonder if they will keep their catalog/online business going? I am still buying cards for major stores like Target, Lowes & Home Depot.
You are soo welcome! I too will beleive it when it shows up on my doorstep! My email said that it won't ship till 12/15 so I'm not getting my hopes up just yet! Good thing we don't need it right away!
OMG: Can you beleive this deal?? This seat is on sale in the other colors for $249.99! Must have been a typo, but I ordered mine and it came out the whole way through for $42.99 plus it is free shipping!!! Hope you get one of these great deals!
Do you have a Publix? They are my main store. They double up to .50 and they have great bogo sales! This week I am getting Betty Crocker frosting for .79 and I have a .50 coupon that will be doubled to 1.00! Food Lion has pretty good sales also. I;m not sure if they double coupons or not. Hth
Run Turkey, Run! DD's class decorated turkeys to go incognito for Thanksgiving based on this story. It was soo cute!
DH & I are constantly doing small projects in our house. If you break them down and buy a little material at a time it doesn't hurt your budget too bad. We use the points we earn on our visa to get gift cards to Lowes and Home Depot. We decide what project we want to do and then we save the points, check prices to decide who is cheaper then order the cards when we have gotten enough points. (We are currently saving to replace our storm door on the front door.) We...
I got the Black & Decker tool chest for ds this past week! Well, Mil got it for me; I don't have an ALdi here so I check the site every week and call her with my order! She is there at least 3x's/week. She even went and got a debit card just so she can shop there without having to worry about having the cash! I can't wait till I get one closer to home!
Welcome Back. I haven't been around much lately either, but I'm hoping to be around more now that things have settled down here!
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