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I am not getting notifications on some things and others I reply and it doesnt go through, so I am sorry for not repyling promptly. I tried to PM you, but said your box is full The thomas Crowne Affair is the one with Pierce Bronson, copyrighted in 1999. For all 4, I would ask $13 and that would include shipping. You can PM me if you are still interested
I am PMing you
I am sorry it took so long to reply. I have not been getting my messages, and ones that I have, won't show my reply. Norbit is gone, Jeff Dunham is pending and white chicks is available. What free product couppons do you have? PM me so hopefully I will get it faster Thanks!
Upload 25 pics to your cart and put in coupon code FREE4X6 . Select in store pick up
Forgot to mention: they all come in case with cover art, unless otherwise specified! EUC!!
I have the Following DVDs for sale or trade. 1.Maid in Manhattan 2. The Best of Friends Vol. 3 3. The Best of Trading Spaces 4. On Edge 5. I want Someone to Eat Cheese with 6. Two Can Play that Game(DVD only) 7. Love Story (Brand New, Still in Plastic) 8. Gritted 9. White Chicks 10. Forgetting Sarah Marshall 11. Good Night, Maisy (DVD only) 12. Norbit (DVD and Case, no cover art) 13. Disclosure 14. Swim Fan 15. Rock School 16. The Terminator 17. The...
I am ISO the following coupons, expiring the 18th of November or later. If you have any, please PM me and we can work out a trade. Thank you! Old Spice(body wash or deodorant) Gilette(Body Wash or deodorant) AXE Nivea Jergen's Healthy Glow Lotion Huggies Wipes and Diapers Luvs Any juice Bic Razors Shave Cream for men Gain dish soap Lysol Cleaner Mr. Clean Cleaner Pantene Pro V Shampoo and Conditioner Soy Milk Hair Gel Hostess Granola Bars
I am in Southern Illlinois also. What coupons are you ISO?
1st 5000 every Thursday gets one. You have to submit any 3 word toast.
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