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Yes, it's absolutely legal. It's similar to VOIP (Vonage, Skype) in that it uses the internet for the calls. You receive a regular phone number, although it might not be your exchange. THe nearest exchange I could get was about 30 miles away. That may be because my phone company is an independent, not Verizon or Sprint. Any more questions, I'll be happy to help (if I can)
OKay, I've seen this infomercial a zillion times. The item is "MagicJack". It's a gizmo that plugs into the USB port on your computer. Then you plug your phone into it and you can make all the phone calls you want to anywhere in the continental US for 19.95/YEAR!! Turns out someone my hubby works with bought it and said it was great so we thought we'd try it out. We've had it for about a month and it really works. You plug the gizmo into your computer and it...
This is just ridiculous. A 9 year old boy has decided that he's now a girl and the school scheduled a meeting with the entire 3rd grade to explain this to them. They notified the parents of the meeting the DAY BEFORE it was scheduled -- nothing like waiting till the last minute! (see link below to article) Is this crazy??!! There's a reason why there a more and more home schooled students these days! School challenge: Transgender student is age 9 | Philadelphia...
I watched up through Heart & Fergie - they are who I wanted to see. The opening number wasn't my cup of tea. I was looking for something really groundbreaking, like last year's "duet" with Celine Dion & Elvis -- THAT was impressive! I have the video on my IPOD. I didn't see the Terri Hatcher thing, but I heard it was funny (didn't know she could sing!)
Bonnie, brave girl, was defending her home against the Jennings and Rawl thugs. She blew 3 of them away with her shotgun before she got shot. Most upsetting, I loved her character!
Watched last season and wrote in to bring it back .. so glad it's here! Am REALLY upset about the loss of Bonnie tonight. Wondering whether the military commander is gonna come around to their side. Hopefully they'll find a way to bring J&R DOWN!!!
Watched it - quite an interesting show. I like the way he has photos of the exact same bldg all throughout his history. Will definitely watch again.
You apparently just can't go to the website and join - you have to "be invited". Watch the banners on webpages while browsing for an "invite" to join. Once you join, you'll have to fill out a profile. Then they'll send you a couple of links to test your browser speed, whether you can watch videos and a confidentiality agreement. About a week after I finished all that, I got invited to participate in a survey. I took the survey on 2/15 and got my check in the mail...
Woohoo! I just got my 1st check from PineCone Research - $3!! I know it's not much but it's the 1st time I've gotten paid for doing a survey! I also got free deodorant as a trial from doing a Synovate survey, will have to answer a survey after 21 days of use. Pretty cool!
We saved $52.87! This has been great for us, because while tracking coupon savings I've been tracking total $ spent on groceries too! Gives us a better handle on our budget!
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