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There really is no rice shortage. Sam's club and Costco are limiting SELECT kinds of rice, not long grain rice, but speciality brands. One of the reasons for this is that resturants are contiuning customers who need the product, so in a way they are guarenteeing them their SELECT types of rice, while average joes do not buy rice as consistantly as well, a resturant.
I was just curious on this, I plan on retiring at 55. I am far from there, but am saving a lot to retire early. Plus, DH is an accountant, so he could always do part-time work during tax season and things, and I speak fluent German (I could translate) so we will have small part time jobs. What about you, and your family?
I think that makes you more sensitive as to what is happening, not more knowledgable. My neighbor's son is in Iraq and she showed me pictures of him handing crayons to little kids, and the school house they built for the children in the town they are in. I don't mean to sound mean, and I don't know if what I am trying to say came out right, but I hope you do not take it wrong. I think Colin Powell left because he did not believe we were doing the right thing - and which he...
It's also interesting that you think the war isn't being managed well, because President Bush is letting the Generals decide what to do etc, he doesn't really get that envolved, and it should be like that. Look at Hitler, they didn't wake him till 10 when the battle of Normandy happened, because he needed to approve everything. President Johnson used to brag that an outhouse couldn't be bombed during the Vietnam war without him knowing about it- and look how that war went....
I really believe many American's are against the war, because they are very uniformed as far as progress has gone, and what has or has not been accomplished. The news only reports bad things. I was in Iraq as a traveller in the 90's and I remember that people were not even allowed to fly kites!! America can't pull out now...people don't know what they are asking for.
I don't know how to really respond. I think it is really sad that so many people have negative views on Iraq. I was unaware that he died of natural causes, but it's still not anywhere else that I have seen. Shooting guns blindly was an awful comment as well. Some people have no couth. I have traveled extensively, and am new to being an American citizen, so maybe this is how it is. I always believed that you support your country, not find a time to make a joke out of...
Foxnews reports. I think so much is being accomplished there, and to think of how hidden and secretitive Al Queda is, it is an amazing feat. Funny, at this time it is not on CNN, or MSNBC.
In my opinion it would bevery smart for Mccain to run with Rice. I still don't understand how come so many people hate Bush. Obama and Clinton already said they are going to raise taxes, capital gain taxes, etc. If we are in a recession like everyone claims, why are they trying to take more money away from consumers?
DH's best friend owns an infiniti dealership, so most of our cars come from there 2007 Infiniti g35x- 12,000 miles. But what a lemon! 2006- Infinti g35 - 25,000 miles I really want something with better gas mileage though. I get 13-14 in city! maybe 20 on the highway!
i actually think that a high minimum wage hurts the economy - there is a lot of evidence to support this too, like Massachusets.
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