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I just wanted to say a great big "thank you" for all of you who sent a Disney card for the special little princess in my life. Imagine my surprise when I counted the cards today and realized that she will be receiving a total of FORTY cards! Holy cow! The package is ready to go in the mail on Tuesday. (No mail tomorrow.) Thank you for everything that you did. Many of you involved your families in this blessing. Others included little "goodies" along with the...
Whoo-hoo!! I hope you and your girls had a great time making them.
Oh, yes, the mice would be GREAT! I'm going to PM ya!
Great! I'm going to PM ya right now!
I totally understand that concern. I had the same concern before I got my first one. I spoke to my pastor about it prior to getting it done. He reassured me that decorating our bodies has nothing to do with our salvation. But I think that's something for each person to consider for themselves.
Bumping this up. . . I have received 11 cards so far!! :happy dance:
That's great! I wish you the very best as you continue to lose.
Yep! I'm guilty of that, too sometimes. It makes me wonder if people think I am "stalking" them when they see who's been checking out their profile - especially when I accidentally click on their name several times in one day!
Have a great week as MOTW! It was so nice to get you know you a little better. I always enjoy reading your posts. You are always such a kind, thoughtful person!
I think that sounds beautiful! I love the idea of incorporating your children's initials/names into the tattoo. And the fact that it means something to you is key. You'll be "stuck" with it forever, so it sure better mean something, right? I have 4 tattoos. It's a funny thing, because most people don't even know I have any. The first one I got was a cherub on the back of my right shoulder - I can always say I have an angel on my shoulder! My second one was a dove...
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