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Chicken Teriyaki and mini egg rolls...yum!
Loveysbydesign, I just made this apple crisp last night, and it is by FAR the BEST apple crisp recipe I have EVER made. Apple Crisp is DH's favorite dessert, and he absolutely loved it. Thanks for the great recipe!
I like the Totino's Sausage pizza, I can eat a whole one pretty much by myself! DH and I like the Thin N' Crispy Digorno Pepperoni for dinner.
I am having a craving for tacos.... so, tacos, refried beans and spanish rice
I have no idea...i was super busy over the weekend and I haven't had time to plan my menu out....i don't know what I want for dinner...
London Bridge by Fergie...anything really by the black-eyed peas....Give it Away by George Straight...I love all kinds of music.
Breakfast-Bacon, Eggs, Toast and coffee Lunch-Dh and I are both having leftovers from dinner last night Dinner-Breaded Chicken strips w/ranch for dipping, skillet potatoes, and probably some corn, too.
Today, my mirror would say: Energized and ready for the weekend, but tired too from a long week Cold cause it's rainy here Bored and ready to go home
Breakfast-DH had sausage, eggs, toast, and stomach was upset, so I just had toast this morning. Lunch-DH is having leftover pizza from dinner last night, I brought the rest of the Chicken Casserole from Monday, DH had lasagna again yesterday..:D Dinner-Cubed Steaks w/Mushroom gravy, white rice, carrot w/butter and brown sugar.
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