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This will only be the 3rd time my 13 (8th grader) has had a Snow/cold day , our district in MN does not close easy
Dd1 was cause I thought it was best being free and health . Dd2,3 and 4 I realists it was easier to just breast feed ( laziness as well like swishina said:)
It was a Musical and not a movie version so it was suppose to be different, I think it was not as fun to see since I like the movie version so much but I do think overall they did a nice job and voices were good.
that sounds normal! DD who is almost 18 months did that around the 12 month mark too :)
I just saw this in our christmas things today, they are cheer shakers with cinnamon and bell and sequins in them with a little note about needing cheer  I wa thinking this would be inexpensive to make but maybe something to bring a smile to someones face
My 11 and 13 yr old want some
My 11and 13 yet old wear the ugg boots right now as well. They live in legging
5 yr old dd I will , older girls no ( I wish I could) but with a total of12 teachers. It ends up just way to much work and or money
My kids have a iPhone 4s on Verizon (The phones were free and it only added 10$ more a month to our plan to upgrade there phones from the talking/texting ones) 
I'm usually up Christmas Eve wrapping,
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