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I have a bunch of photo paper, 4x6.  If interested, please pm me.
Thank you ladies!  
Does anyone know where I can send expired coupons for the military?  It has been on my concience to do this for a while, and I just cleaned out my coupon binder without wadding everything up and thought I would give them to someone who could use them.  Could you please pm me the info so I wont lose it?   Thanks! Michelle.
I guess I should have done the "Easter" theme, then use the circle one for somethin else.  I still have to write stuff on it, but I want to do that when my mind isnt going 20 directions.  :)  I am getting a lot of my scrappin stuff organized though!
  So, I cant figure out how to flip this around, I couldnt find it on my computer for the longest time for some reason...this one little post has already taken up too much of my time ;)  Anyway, this is a thank you card I made for my parents thanking them for my graduation gifts.
  My daughters 4th bday page  
I agree about the allergies.  It makes me nervous.  I know if it was my kid, I wouldnt want them eating at someone else's house without my knowledge.  I also dont let them wander wherever they want either (just sayin!)  My kids dont go to these other kids house because I dont know their mother.  The one little boy has been coming over for at least a year if not more, and she has never bothered to come introduce herself.   
I have a kindergartener and a preschooler.  When our garage is open, kids swarm to our house to play with our kids.  As I am typing this, the kids my kids are playing outside with (its fall break, a whole nother story!)  I dont mind giving them all a snack when they are playing every once in a while, but there are usually about 4-6 kids including mine, and I cant always afford to feed everyone.  I made a bunch of chicken nuggets today and shared, but then 15 minutes...
I am interested in any of them as well. Thank you Michelle  
Yes, Thank you Ruthie!  It was great to get into a crop again, and I love the prizes!  Great job!
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