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Thanks for sharing this! I've been on a s'mores kick lately!
Is google it and see if you can order it somewhere online. I know coffee wiz has free shipping over $50 I think. Glad you found one you like!
I love the dress and boot look! I'm sure whatever you decide will look great!
I've gotten them before. I fact, I just got one last week for my class reunion this past weekend. Wasn't too bad.....but I'm not great at using the buffer cream (you put this on your knees, elbows, palms, and knuckles so it doesn't tan). I must have messed part of my hand because my thumb was so dark! That's a great deal on them, Kim! Mine was a little under $30.
What a great guy! That's so sweet!
Thanks for sharing! I want to make these sometime!
I used to work at a flower/home decor store before having kids, so I got anything I wanted at cost. Also, if something came in broken, the company would usually just tell us to keep it, and my boss usually never wanted any of that. So with a little super glue, I was able to fix a lot of things and take them home for free.
I totally believe that! Late in my pregnancy, I was having some constipation issues, so was taking Colace all the time. After birth, I was still having some issues. I bought a huge generic brand of it at SAMs Club, and feel like it isn't as effective as the real stuff.
I was in your boat with baby #1. She was moving too much to get clear pics of a few organs. Nothing serious, just couldn't see the heart and all the chambers correctly. So we did a second one at around 24 weeks that went fine. Good luck with yours!
Sounds so yummy!  Want to try these soon!
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