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I have a membership to Jazzercise and love it!
Love Katy Perry's new "This is How We Do!" Also just added Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off"
Running and jazzercise.
I've never showered before. Just after.
 I know, right?!?  Haha!  I've been trying to work out more since having DS, and realized if I drink tons of water, I'm not as hungry.  It's definitely something I'm still getting used to.....and have to really make myself.  Otherwise, I'd go days with barely drinking a drop of water!
My goal is 100 oz. daily.  The last couple days I've made it.....but not always! 
I don't have animals.....but will definitely check into that one!!  Thanks!!
DH left this morning for MN to go visit a friend and pick up something for our neighbor's farm.  So it's me and kids today and myself! :)   But I actually have a hair appointment this afternoon, so my mom is coming out to watch the kids.  Then dance for DD.  Then a nice evening at home!     Hope everyone has a great day!!
I usually wear some type of workout capri pants (usually Under Armour) and either a t-shirt or tank top.  And always a headband these hair gets in my eyes if I don't because my bangs don't fit into my ponytail.
Do you have a fabulous broom that you use?   I've gotten my last two at WalMart, but they don't hold up.  In fact, the other day while sweeping, the middle foam part of the broom came out!  I need a nice one....but am not sure of what to get!     Was just going to check and see what you have.
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