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That's a great deal! I will have to check that out next time I'm near an Old Navy!
Have you put your toddler in any sports or activities? DD has been in dance since September. We put her in it for some social time. She's really enjoys it. We had thought of doing soccer this coming fall, but our local organization starts at age 5, so we have a couple of years before we do that.
This happened about an hour from where we live. How crazy!
My friend showed me her homemade glass cleaner this weekend. It works great! You just so equal parts of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and warm water. DH used it on his tractor and loved it! He had been buying expensive glass cleaner at John Deere and it wasn't working well. So he tried this and said the windows looked brand new!
Does your toddler try to dress themselves? Or at least take off their shoes? DD just turned 3 a few weeks ago and has no interest in putting clothes on herself. Also, she rarely will take her shoes off by herself when we get home. She does great at removing her coat! Any advice on getting her to be more independent and trying to remove clothes and shoes by herself?
What age were your kids when they began swimming lessons. I tried to get DD in them last year, but our local pool starts at 3, so we will be doing them this year.
When you had babies, did you have to quit or choose to quit before you really wanted to? What was your reason?
That's awesome! Good job finding great deals!
I haven't seen many good Easter deals yet. Hopefully there will be some soon!
Food isn't taxed here in Nebraska. Our state tax is 5.5%, however, almost every city in the state has overrode that and added city tax, so most of the time we pay 7% tax when shopping.
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