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My pediatric office has a male and three females. My son just aged out of their practice but always went to the male unless sick and my girls also go to both when sick but always had a female for physicals.
Thank you for the suggestions! Love them!
It is amazing not even sure how I found you through one of the many sites that I subscribe to on facebook! I already have dinner idea for tonight and a great Easter egg hunt idea! Looking forward to a long friendship!
Thank you! I really like what i see and it is GREAT that I dont feel like  old!!   I am also a single mom after 23 years so I have learned how to save a dollar and STRETCH it!!! It is amazing how many free things that we can find to do where I live. My cable gives us two free tickets every tuesday, our local library has arts & crafts, free wednesday at the zoo -- boy can i go on!!! lol I am also a great couponer BUT only on necessary items i dont have the room for 100...
Hello, I just turned 44 and I have a 21,14 and 6 1/2 yr old. It is like raising three generations!  I love looking for new ideas from saving money to new fun quick recipes!
I started this tradition when my oldest now 21 was a little boy and have continued it with my 14 and 6 year old! Calling "Cloud Shapes" cost nothing and is so much fun for everyone in the family. It is amazing what the imagination can come up with!!! Here is our favorite cloud shape that my oldest found last year on Memorial Day vacation at the shore. He texted it to me---- it is ..... the head of .... Winnie the Pooh!!! Any pooh lovers can surely see it!!! I have this...
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