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A Review On: Frosting Creations Flavor Mix - Cotton Candy (1 Packet)

Frosting Creations Flavor Mix - Cotton Candy (1 Packet)

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Pros: unique, easy to use

Cons: very sweet

Honestly- the only reason I bought this was I had a coupon to buy the starter frosting and get the flavor free. If it weren't free....I probably would have skipped it.

It is VERY easy to mix, you just take a knife and make a deep hole in the center of the can of starter frosting (they even give you extra space at the top of the can for mixing!) pour the powder in and mix.

If you're a frosting taster be is VERY sweet and at (my and kids) first taste, it had a bad after-taste.

I have to say, the frosting DID spread on really well (better than a regular frosting, I'm not sure why), and a little went a LONG way.

The end result- it tasted a bit like cotton candy, was REALLY sweet and while I didn't mind it, my kids actually wiped the frosting off!


Thanks for the review! I kind of didn't see the point of this ??? Seems easier (and a lot cheaper) to just mix your own flavor into vanilla, or even make your own frosting from scratch.
What kind of cake mix would you want to mix cotton candy with? Sounds like a weird flavor to me
I got accepted to do a Duncan Hines Frosting Creation party through house party and even before that I tried the frosting since I had the same coupon. So far I have tried cotton candy, chocolate marshmallow,orange cream, white chocolate raspberry and caramel frosting's. They are all pretty good but the caramel frosting on top of brownies so far is the best, my opinion. They are pricey compared to regular frosting's but are good.