Great Cookware Set

Annie's Mom
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Pros: Solid, sturdy, cooks evenly, holds up well, looks pretty on my pot-rack

Cons: non stick coating scratches easily

I am a huge fan of Rachael Ray and her products.  I like her and how she has brought family meals and home cooking back into households in easy and innovative ways.  I really wanted this set for my birthday 4 years ago and I'm very happy to have it. 


The set is pretty good because the sizes of the pans are very practical.  You pretty much have what you need to cook a variety of dishes in this one set. I use them constantly, to this day and while you can tell, I'm no where near ready to get a new set and I probably won't for many many years.


The only downside is that the non-stick coating can scratch easily so you need to be careful that you don't use metal cooking utensils. I use mostly wooden spoons and silicone spatulas while cooking.


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