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11/14/13 at 10:21pm swishina Forum post: Tips for a Stress Free Holiday Season
8/9/13 at 7:17pm calimari Forum post: What does finacial independence mean to you?
11/7/12 at 7:47am swishina Forum post: well, he won again
8/20/12 at 12:44pm calimari Forum post: Legitimate Rape - is there such a thing?
4/30/12 at 7:25pm blessed_with_6 Forum post: Blessed with 6 Starts New Job today
4/18/12 at 6:16pm musicalmommy Forum post: I got in to grad school!
3/21/12 at 5:45pm Cookie2 Forum post: Using Foodstamps at Starbucks.
2/2/12 at 4:48pm maggie Forum post: What's for dinner 2/2
not surprised :)
1/26/12 at 9:31am NorthChick Forum post: Choices need opinion
1/11/12 at 7:48pm ChickyHip Forum post: Update on getting my boys to sleep!
1/5/12 at 5:22pm Cookie2 Forum post: Discipline Question
1/3/12 at 5:02pm NorthChick Forum post: Is anyone resolving to eat healthier in 2012?
12/22/11 at 12:28pm ChickyHip Forum post: So do you drive around looking for the closest spot when shopping.....
same here!
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