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9/14/14 at 5:42pm Cookie2 Forum post: How old to watch news?
7/15/14 at 9:52am Happymom Forum post: Favorite Weird Al song?
6/27/14 at 6:08am Karen1985 Forum post: Why do people complain about money and then continue to have kids?
6/18/14 at 10:08am Karen1985 Forum post: Has anyone else lost respect for Dr. Oz?
6/17/14 at 11:58am EverydayTrish Forum post: Is "skinny" a compliment?
6/16/14 at 12:03pm queenofthelaundry Forum post: Just for giggles!
You stole my guess!
5/24/14 at 12:39pm Karen1985 Forum post: Do your babies drink juice?
5/20/14 at 12:30pm mamax3 Forum post: Facebook Situation...
3/30/14 at 7:41am blessedwith3boys Forum post: Thoughts on extravagant second showers?
3/25/14 at 4:25pm Karen1985 Forum post: Would you worry if your child read during her recesses?
3/18/14 at 11:03am weezie Forum post: i have an awesome neighbour!!!
1/2/14 at 12:01pm Phatladycoupons Forum post: Extreme Couponing=Stealing??
12/3/13 at 9:30am ruthie Forum post: Anyone making any cheesecakes
12/3/13 at 5:17am ruthie Forum post: Kmart Joe Boxer Christmas commercial
12/3/13 at 5:17am Karen1985 Forum post: Kmart Joe Boxer Christmas commercial
11/24/13 at 6:01pm swishina Forum post: Our new baby
Sounds like my dad. He used to come home from the grocery store with dog food. We didn't have a dog
11/19/13 at 7:15pm Happymom Forum post: Mom Gives Kids Homemade Lunch, School Forces Them to Eat Ritz Crackers
Preach it!
11/7/13 at 8:41am mamax3 Forum post: Supreme court debating and deciding whether prayer should be held at town meetings
11/4/13 at 10:55am Karen1985 Forum post: More about Common Core ...
Well said.
9/7/13 at 9:51pm Karen1985 Forum post: Do you think women can "have it all"?
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