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1/14/13 at 7:18pm mamax3 Forum post: My 19 year old son wants his ears pierced and a tattoo!
12/26/12 at 8:45pm aliadam Forum post: Here we go again.....
11/29/12 at 6:36pm aliadam Forum post: Kansas town forced to remove cross from its town seal
10/1/12 at 8:55am Susannah Forum post: Poor Bieber- he threw up on stage
7/9/12 at 8:42pm deemom Forum post: Who wants an update from me?
6/13/12 at 7:34pm 5vsinnc Forum post: S/O Myfitnesspal buddies
6/13/12 at 6:36am Josephina Forum post: S/O Myfitnesspal buddies
6/7/12 at 8:57pm Cookie2 Forum post: I started drama on Pinterest with this pin
5/31/12 at 6:25pm deemom Forum post: Edwards not gulty
3/7/12 at 6:14am mamax3 Forum post: Would you question?
2/5/12 at 3:57pm ruthie Forum post: Pat Sajak drunk on early Wheel of Fortune shows
1/20/12 at 6:23am calimari Forum post: Newt Gingrich ex wife gives interview
1/20/12 at 6:23am Starlite Forum post: Newt Gingrich ex wife gives interview
1/20/12 at 6:23am kellynkay Forum post: Newt Gingrich ex wife gives interview
1/16/12 at 8:02am mamax3 Forum post: Is the "Change of Life" a reasonable excuse for poor behavior?
1/14/12 at 8:41am debellafunk Forum post: mornings are a mess!
1/12/12 at 6:21pm Susannah Forum post: Update on getting my boys to sleep!
1/12/12 at 6:11pm calimari Forum post: Getting fruatrated already
1/11/12 at 8:16pm liamsmom Forum post: Have you ever miscarried?
1/7/12 at 6:07am calimari Forum post: Get Rewarded for Your Tips and Frugal Living Advice! Plus, Help Name Our Reputation Levels
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