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Baseline Mammogram - I have to go back

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Well, I turned 40 earlier this week and went in on Wednesday for a baseline mammogram. I got a call this morning saying the radiologist had found an "area of density" and would like me to come back in for another round of pictures and if needed, an ultrasound. When I went in, they did tell me that many first-timers would get calls to come back in for more pictures because there was nothing to compare any asymmetrical results to. So, I know I shouldn't be surprised. However, I just have this knee-jerk reaction to assume the worst. My maternal grandmother had breast cancer and both my Mom and Sister have had fibrocystic tumors (but no cancer.) I guess it should be more of a shock to me if they found nothing! I go back in a week and a half for round 2 and am considering asking my Mom to go with me. Has anyone else been down this road?
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I have never had experience with that, but I just wanted to say you will be in my thoughts and prayers and I'm sure everything is fine.
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Yes, I have had the same experience. I did my baseline a couple years ago and while I was waiting to go home from my first mamography the tech came back and said I needed to have a couple more photos done - they weren't clear. Now I'm waiting for them to say all is well and they came back to say the radiologist wanted to do an ultrasound right then and there. When I went to my doctor for the follow-up they suggested I wait six months and have the films redone. I was so affraid of the worst I pushed the issue and got a referral to see a surgeon. HE sent me for an MRI which showed nothing different. So instead of a biopsy all the doctors concluded to wait 6 months. Nothing has grown, thank goodness! I was prepared to do the radical, I'm glad it turned out to be nothing!

They did say what they saw was very typical. I would rather be safe than sorry. There is no way I could get up every morning for 6 months thinking "what if I do have cancer - that is 6 months that has gone by where it has gotten worse instead of fighting it".

Good Luck!
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I have had fibrocystic disease in my breasts that was first discovered YEARS ago when I was in college. I have had numerous breast biopsies and they have all been negative. I used to worry a lot about them and still do, but I've learned over time to not assume that they'll be cancerous. I still have lumps constantly in my breasts, but they don't remove them or biopsy them because if they did I'd be constantly having surgery. I just recently had another mammogram and ultrasound because of a lump my internist found and although the lump is still there, they were able to tell that it wasn't cancerous and will just leave it and keep checking it. I'm sure your family history will cause them to be extra careful checking you out. So I can certainly understand your worry but hopefully can also give you hope that it's hopefully nothing to worry about. Let me know if you have any questions. I hope it's nothing.
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The important part is that you are taking action and getting
your tests done!! I hope it is nothing though!!
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See if the Dr. has a better place to recommend next time. The place I go has a Dr. on staff who reviews it all right then and there (I sometimes wait about 15 mins for him to do so). That way, I'm there and ready to have extra films done, along with an ultrasound, if warranted.

Try not to worry. It's great they are trying to so proactive, and the probability of it just being a benign lump, with no problems, is very high.
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I agree completely with Desertmom! Go somewhere else next time that gives you the results right at your appointment. This happened to me last December and the secretary from the office called to tell me that I needed more films done and could not get me scheduled until seven weeks later!!!!!!!!!!!! This was right before Christmas! My mother died from breast cancer two years ago so I was very worried of course. So I drove 2 hours to the Cleveland Clinic for the follow up tests only a few days later and they gave me the results before I left. Everything was fine, but nobody should get a call like that and then have to wait that long. I'm sure everything will be just fine and I will be thinking of you.
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I had a lump removed in 2006. The dr. and tech. had me scarred to death.

Turn out that it was negative.

I know that it is hard not to worry, but I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
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Everyone - thank you so much. Your thoughts and experiences are comforting. I spoke to my sister today about everything and she said she has been through this many times. I am just trying to keep my mind busy, which isn't hard with DS running around all the time. I'm sure the week will fly by and it will be here before I know it. And, I will just pray about it and accept whatever it is. Which, will hopefully be nothing or at least something easy to deal with.

Thanks again - I love my Mommysavers instant support group. You just can't beat it!
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Same thing happened to me. I had to go back for an ultrasound. Scared the bijeebies out of me. But, turned out to be nothing.
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