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yesterday: a postcard saying the juicy juice sippy cup wont be here until 12/12 and a prilosec otc sample

today: Kotex sample
gun safety dvd
Head and shoulders sample
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I got a Philadelphia Cream Cheese House Party Pack
Kotex samples in a hilarious box (Gift from Mother Nature, or something to that effect-perfect gag gift)
Green Giant Sweet Corn Niblets in Butter Sauce (survey)
2 boxes of South Beach Living Meal Replacement Bars (survey--btw, they were NASTY!)
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Arm&Hammer advance white toothpaste sample
Hyland's Leg cramps pain relief sample and a .50 coupon

BeingGirl pack included: 2 pantyliners, 1 infinity pad, 1 clean wipe, 3 tampons, 2.50 in coupons, and a coupon for a free 18 count pk of infinity pads
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So far this week I have gotten:

Eco-friendly insulated grocery note - very nice one.
Field and Forest magazine
Christmas notepad, address labels and gift tags
2 sheets of cute animal address labels
Hugo his and her fragrance samples
Orville Redenbacher's smart cakes, salt-n-lime popcorn and coupon booklet
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Today I got:

2 prs of NoNonsense white athletic socks WOOHOO..I really need socks too!
Sams Club baby formula sample
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Tide Total Care Sample w/$1 coupon

Also, Stoneyfield Organics responded to my eMail in less than a few hours and promised to send me coupons.
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Another free issue of Remedy magazine
3 Jergens lotion samples and a $1 coupon
Flexible Tuscany cutting board
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I got my two packs of free diapers for a diaper study well as dove shampoo, stay free and kotex from walmart, I am so stoked about the diapers. I also got a $20 free gift card from target for opening a baby registry this week. woohooo!!!
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Between Sat. and Monday I got a lot of goodies:

ADT Child Safety Kit
Pledge wipe and coupon
Car Care Guide book
1 Always pad
A kit from Recycled fish that included: Folgers coffee sample, hand warmer, earthworm fish food lures
Christmas Address labels-these ones are super cute
Sleep Better Good Night Kit wich included: sleep mask, ear plugs, stickers, coupons, bookmark and a guide.
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Del Monte Fruit Naturals Coupons
Christmas Advent Calendar
Juicy Juice sippy cup
Kotex sample pack which included 2 tampons, 1 pad, & 1 panty liner
Sleep Better Good Night Kit
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