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- Stock up on Halloween goodies for next year (just remember where you put them!)
- Cute things for gift ideas (Canvas Frames Flower Press Bug Votive Craft Kit Marshmallow Angel Magnet Craft Kit Patriotic Marshmallow Magnet Craft Kit Marshmallow Ballerina Craft Kit Glitter Bug Transfers Neon Ribbon Flip Flop Craft Kit Zoo Animal Putty & Molds (really cute!) , etc) Most things come in sets.. like set of 6 or 12. But if you have more than one kid, you can split them up between them. Like you could split the zoo animal putty up, giving 3 to each kid or something. Great for stocking stuffers. There is a ton more.. that's just a few things I thought were cute.

Also, they have clearanced prepackaged gift sets.. for teachers, etc. ("Go Gifts") There are Christmas ornaments and scrapbooking stuff.. Even things for homeschool moms.