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Thawing Frozen Bananas

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How do you do it? I have a bunch of bananas froze-They are whole and in the peel. Does it take a while? I was hoping to make some bread today with it.
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You can peel them frozen - they made to soften slightly to get the peels off. When they are thawed, they will be very mushy (good for bread). They should thaw pretty quick, I'm thinking 20-30 minutes? I never timed it LOL

Throw them (peels off) frozen into the blender for smoothies.
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I'd just set em out in a warm place and give em 1/2 an hour or so.You should be ok.
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I thaw them in the microwave, using the defrost button. Usually one minute is more than enough for 2-3 bananas. Super easy to peel & super squishy mushy - I love that I don't have to mash 'em with a fork this way.
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I just peel them and defrost in the microwave for a short time.  It doesn't take long to thaw bananas at all.  I use frozen bananas for this homemade banana bread recipe.

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