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What goes good with Salmon?

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My mom has requested Salmon for her birthday dinner next week. What do you normally serve with it? I love to eat fish, but I hate cooking it so I'm always at a complete loss.


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I usually have it with rice pilaf and garlic string beans.
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I usually make it with some type of rice (risotto is great) and broccoli. Cheddar/garlic mashed potato would go well too.
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I for some reason always serve fresh sauted asparagus with salmon. Not sure why, but I think it goes good with it and even the kids like aspargus. Other sides: Lipton noodles or loaded potatoes.
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rice pilaf and either asparagus or broccoli.
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Cole slaw and mashed potatoes and garlic bread!
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We have salmon once a week and I usually serve with it:

Long grain rice
steamed green beans

Last night, however, we changed things up and I had broccoli and cheddar rice with steamed broccoli! It's was just as yummy!

I have also tried boiled yams.....with just a touch of butter. Yummy too!
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We always fix either a baked potato or creamy pasta salad and broccoli.
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we have salmon with either parmesan rice or noodles (the nature's way rice/pasta roni is good) and sauteed brussel sprouts or lightly steamed asparagus. I cook the salmon in a pan with garlic and butter.
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I like asparagus and jasmine rice or rice pilaf.
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