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Mommysaver Spotlight~ *Christy*~

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What is your first name? Christy

What are your kidsʼ names and ages? Zach (5 1/2) and Ty (3 1/2)

How did you find Mommysavers? Have you referred anyone here? Were you referred here?
Someone I knew a long time ago suggested I come here because I was having such a hard time adjusting to being a SAHM from being a person who was NEVER at home and always worked two jobs at one time. The first time I logged on, I was overwhelmed with the welcomes the members offered me, and then of course all the advice and resources that the members offered me in terms of support and guidance in learning how to be the best mom. I've stuck around ever since!

What does your user name mean? It goes without saying it's my first name. My parents named me after Kristy McNichol.

Out of all the things the members here have offered in terms of advice, support, counsel and criticism, what have you personally benefited from? And do you remember specifically who the member was that offered that advice? I get a lot of encouragement from the ladies in the Health and Fitness Forum. If you ever need a pick me up, that forum is the place to go. The ladies in there are great! They have been there for me through all my physical challenges. When I have a bad day and start self doubting myself I can always count on 2bearsmom, momof2boys, bonna9182, PinkGirl79, mamaof3kiddies, greytrunner, Addimom and Maggie to pick me back up. I've also gone through a lot of personal stuff (with family illnesses, dh's deployments, parental struggles) over the years, and the mod squad in general has been a great support to me through all of that. And lastly, I've had the opportunity to meet a lot of Mommysavers over the last five years. Upon meeting them I've been able to build on the already existing friendships, including my friendship with Kim. I love the positive energy from the ladies on this board. Thank you!

How many coupons do you use on a regular basis? I use coupons I get in the mail from manufacturers and the Military Store coupons I get at the commissary. I usually don't buy the foods they are trying to promote so I buy in bulk. However, when Kohls, JC Penneys, Beauty Brands Store or any other department store sends me an exclusive coupon, I always take the time to check out their deals in store to see if I can put it to good use! I'd hate to "throw out" a deal if I have something "HOT" in my hand!

What was your most recent "bargain"? I got a 20pk of cute napkins and a 20 pk of Christmasy plates for my Christmas party on Friday for a $1.00 each at the Dollar Tree!

What have you done to save money this week? I took advantage of a Cyber Monday promotion that I found on MS. Dh had been wanting an external hard drive. I haven't been able to find one that was affordable enough. This hard drive is normally retails for $169.

On Cyber Monday I got it for : $89.99 then found a 5% off coupon code and received FREE SHIPPING! My complete order was $85.49

What do you consider a way of life that others think is a crazy way to save? I try to think of ways in which I can reuse as many things as I can before tossing them out; especially empty coffee cans, milk jugs,etc. I keep in mind that I am showing my kids how to be creative and how to conserve our environment.

What is your favorite store in which to find bargains? Target always has great deals, but you have to keep a close eye on their "enders". I also love checking out Hobby Lobby and their sales each week. They have GREAT sales during this time of year! Oh and of course Michael's dollar bin! Love it!

What is the best deal you ever found (even if it wasnʼt at your favorite store)? I bought a NIKE sweat suit for $15 at Lady Footlocker the day after Christmas in 2005. I kept asking the cashier if she ran it up correctly and she said it was 85% off! The tag read 60 % off but there was an additional 25% off already reduced prices. Woo hoo!

What is your best money saving tip? Always, ALWAYS use cash. If you can't afford it, you can't afford it. PERIOD.

What is your favorite frugal meal? Home Made Pizzas

Do you enter contests? If so, what is the best prize youʼve ever won? I won a Refer a Friend Contest here on MS and the prize was a $25 gift card to I bought some cool Lands End hiking shoes that I used on my family reunion Colorada the month following the contest!

If money were no object, what 3 things would you buy yourself or your family? A vacation to a secluded island only for only dh and I (we have never vacationed alone); a live in chef who cooks only low fat, and healthy recipes every day; and a trip to Disney World

If you had $10 to spend on yourself (you and you alone) what would you buy? Buy a copy of Runner's World Magazine and treat myself to lunch at Panera!
Are there words you live by? What are they? Surround yourself with positive things.

Sum yourself up in 1 word: Genuine
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Congratulations on MOTW my friend! I am SO TAKING your saving tip to heart starting in January...we're going to do the spending freeze and try a cash only system!
And I'd have to agree with get what you "see"
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It is so nice to learn more about you Christy. I must say you have a good looking family. I love the family picture.
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Love your answers. I hope to meet you in real life one day.
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Ha! Kristy McNichol! I always wanted to be her!

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Nice to get to know you better!
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Congrats on MOTW Your there for all of us girls too, your a great friend on the board and off!
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Congratulations on MOTW!
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Christy - you are such an asset to this board! We cherish and appreciate all you do and are here!

And your family...oh my word! BEAUTIFUL!
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Congrats on MOTW! I always love hearing of your motivation in the Body and Fitness forum! Very inspiring!
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