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Tina and Blueeyes, Yes they train you. They WANT you to do a good job so it doesnt look bad on them. The whole point to this job is to make the card displays look nice and keep them replenished. There is a lot involved to doing that and certain proceedures you have to take to get it done.
Your supervisor will train you for as long as you need. You have to work out your schedules so that the times you meet, work for both of your availability. They are always available by phone too if your stuck and have a question.
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I also am an AG PTM, I found my job through a listing my territory lead put on Craigslist! LOL

Anyways, you can find other part time merchandising jobs through NARMS - NARMS

Lots of places use PTM's for stuff. The pay generally isn't a ton - I started at $8/hr, and I only work one store, but I'm also now a sub, so occasionally I go to other stores to work if the person there can't.

I really like it - if you're running late, it's no big deal, and I work in a nice Rite Aid and the folks there are really friendly. You have some days around holidays that you are required to go in on, like I had to go in on Christmas Eve for a little bit, but again, you can decide what time exactly to go in.
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I would love to have a job like this, but I applied awhile back and they told me I was too qualified. Boo!
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Thanks for getting back to me on the training part. How can a person be to qualified?
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*shrug* I know before I worked for AG, I worked at the State of MI Department of Environmental Quality as a Environmental Lab Tech, and before that I worked QC at a large food safety test company, plus my degree is in Molecular Biotechnology and I was working to a degree in Microbiology.

My boss/TL tells me I'm fantastic, she's really cool. Heck, I went from $20/hr to $8/hr, never heard anything about being overqualified, she just is thrilled I know what Best Practices is.

I'm banking up my Points
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Thank you for the link. I have been looking for one of these types of jobs.
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I know I was glad to see this posted on here and that it is legit is another great thing.
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Originally Posted by View Post

How can a person be to qualified?

That's what I thought...

Okay, I just applied for this. I went back and looked and the one I applied for before that told me I was too qualified was Hallmark. I know its stupid. I tried to explain to them that I needed part time work because I chose to leave my full time career to stay home with my child. They basically insinuated that I would be bored and I never heard anything else from them.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The part time job I have now I will probably be losing in January due to them closing because of the economy.
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Wow, that's nuts.

Well, I know when I talked to my TL for AG, she said that they like having previously full time folks who are now SAHM's working and that is what they look for - folks who are detail oriented, but don't want to work full time, or even a full "part time" job. She has hired a lot of SAHMs and a lot of senior citizens.

Screw Hallmark, try for AG!

(AG=American Greetings, TL = Territory Lead, aka my boss)
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This sounds like something that would be perfectly right up my alley Just curious though, about how often do you work at a time and how often do they pay?

Thanks for posting this!
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