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I placed an online order with Target on 11/29 for some Camp Rock girls' clothing items e.g. robe, pjs, etc among other items. Part of my order is shipping out today, 12/18. The PJs have not shipped yet. Anyone else experiencing a significant delay with Target?
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I ordered the Leapster, green, on Dec 1, 2008.
It has not yet shipped. It states that it will ship between Jan 5th and the 20th, what???
I bought it through the Deal of the Day - a christmas sale. Now it won't be here for Christmas!!!!
I emailed and they blew me off saying I could go purchase it in the store, full price, or I should have paid for expedited shipping - which we all know - would still be out of stock, if they don't have it, they don't have it!!
So I went to Target and bought it at full price and I plan on returning the one I get in the mail with the full priced Target receipt.
Two can play this game!!!
post #3 of 5 happened to me last year and the year before (guess I didn't learn LOL). I don't order online for Target if I need something for a particular date. I find that they don't ship when they say they will, they send partial shipments and also cancel items on the order after they've said it's 'in stock'. Very frustrating!
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This will be the last time I order from I received my Gap and Old Navy orders from CyberMonday within the week!!! Also, we had good experience with site-to-store shipping with Wal-mart which I was skeptical of at first.
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Yeah, I did get my smart cycle right away, so I'm glad after reading all this! I'm still waiting for the Planet Hero game I ordered to go with it and it's been over a month. I can't find the game anywhere else though, so I'm stuck!
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