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ok I did almost the same thing except mine was the the pamperchef apple corer slicer thingie......yeah if an apple gets stuck don't push it out from the bottom.
Anyways. I had to wrap mine in a paper towle and tape for most of the day. Then when I had to change that I did it again the same for a few days. The more the gauze or towel you use the more presure you can apply with the tape around it.
Also once that was done for a few days then I put some newskin on it.

OMG! Mine was the pampered chef pairing knife! I was so tired and just not paying attention! But it does feel better now! It stopped bleeding sometime last night..I kept waking up because I would bump my finger and it would sting. That's really the only time it hurts..when I bump it...well that and when I rub and alcohol wipe on it! (OUCH!!!) So yeah..I was just worried when it wouldn't stop bleeding! I was like "So can I even go to bed tonight without bleeding all over the place?" Eventually it just stopped.

I will share a couple tricks that I learned from talking to people. Slipping a fairly tight pony tail tie around your wrist helps (not too tight shouldn't hurt...just be a little uncomfortable. Also..holding your hand over the base of your thumb also helps to cut off excess blood supply..doesn't feel good..but it helps. Then eventually, you remove your hand from your thumb....then after it starts to slow...then the hair tie (or rubber band) from your wrist.

Then...use antibiotic ointment...peroxide...or alcohol wipes..although I know for sure..the alcohol wipes make the pain feel worse then when it actually got hurt.

Seriously though...not nearly as bad as pain of childbirth! I had a c-section...but I must have overdone it because the recovery was a biatch! After that...I can handle just about anything! =)