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Freeze Sour Cream?

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Shop-N-Save has sour cream/ranch dip/french oninon on sale this week for $1. Can these items be frozen? If so do they still maintin their flavor? Please help!
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Sour cream might change in texture or separate. I wouldn't freeze any of those things personally, but I also don't buy ranch dip or french onion dip...maybe someone else can help you. They do last a long time in the fridge, don't they?
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I have frozen both.

The main thing is just to stir them really really good after you thaw them out.
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Originally Posted by ruthie View Post

The main thing is just to stir them really really good after you thaw them out.

I've frozen sour cream, and it separated and although I did stir looks the same, but definately doesn't taste the same. Just something to be aware about. It may not bother some people, but I had to throw mine out. Might be okay to bake with, but I needed mine for chili and baked potatoes.
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I have heard of people freezing sour cream and using it for baking,casseroles and soups later.
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I am so glad you asked this. I was wondering the same thing earler tonight.
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I use thawed sour cream in things like mashed potatoes, crockpot recipes, etc... but no good if you want to maintain the "fluffy" texture. When I buy sour cream I usually only need 1/3 a container (mashed potatoes, chicken casserole), so i freeze the other 2/3 individually, for next time.
I am just beginning to realize I can freeze partial foods (like the second half of a jar of sauce) instead of letting it go bad.

Anybody ever tried freezing cream of mushroom soup?
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I freeze everything I can. I have frozen sourcream before, but mostly by accident because it gets pushed to the back of the fridge and then it freezes solid. My fridge is bad for this ever since I bought it. Most of the time just thawing it back out and stirring it up well does the job, but if I'm using it on items like perogies or baked potatoes I mix it up well with my mixer. Helps it get back to it's lighter state.

I don't buy dips most of the time, so I don't know if they freeze very well. I do buy cream cheese based chip dips or spreads and freeze them, mixing well after they have been thawed works really well and I find they taste the same as they were before frozen.

IloveAnnie, I have also frozen cream of mushroom soup. I prefer to freeze it in its condensed form than in actual soup form. I don't like the graininess of the made soup after it has been thawed.

My most favorite thing to freeze is cooked potatos. I either shred them up first or dice them, freeze them on a cookie sheet and then transfer them into ziploc bags once everything is frozen. This makes it very convenient when trying to cook meals in a jiffy or just wanting to add them in as an ingredient to a soup, stew or casserole.
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