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First, the phrase buttery soft used over and over has worked me into such a toast frenzy, my hips will never be the same.

But if it had been me who had lost such a buttery soft wallet (I am going to need to make a bread run if I keep reading this post), I would have definitely offered a reward or would have shown up with a small plant, some flowers, a gift card, express my gratitude. I would have been so relieved that an honest person found my wallet and did the right thing, I would want to pay back their kindness.
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Originally Posted by Blue_Sunday View Post

I wouldn't have offered an award and I wouldn't expect anyone to offer an award for someone to do the right thing and return something that wasn't theirs.

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Originally Posted by pinkboo View Post

OK. I'm chirping in a little late. This is a HUGE thread, and I didn't read all the responses, so if I'm being redundant...Sorry!

In response to doing the right thing without a reward, do we not gift teachers, hair dressers, waitresses, bus drivers, postal carriers, etc., especially on holidays, just for doing their jobs? How about tipping someone for delivering pizza? Tipping or rewarding is a show of gratitude.

Also being a victim of a stolen wallet and the enormous headache that followed, I can honestly say, that I would definitely gift someone for saving me from that nightmare.

OK, peace and Kumbaya

wow I sooooo totally agree with this - You said it perfectly!!!!!!

and for the record next time i find a wallet I am takin 20 bucks out as a finders fee LOL since i know i wont get a reward, cause that is what the normal everyday person would do- and yes i do beleive it takes an honest person to return a wallet......
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Ok I am very late as I can see in posting but the way I see it is......

If it was my "buttery soft" wallet I would have thanked you A LOT and gotten your DD name and written down you address. When I got home I would have called my platinum card and whatever else was in there and verified that nothing had been charged. Then and only then I would have sent your DD something. It is the right thing to do I believe but that is another matter all together. Just like I tip my hair dresser and I buy a gift for my children's teachers, even if that is their job. It is the polite thing to do and it makes them feel good and in turn it helps to build a relationship with them.

I don't think you are being greedy here at all, it was a question and one that I don't see the problem in asking. Not to mention it shows how untrusting we have all become of one another.
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