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stock up on coke this week at target!

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Target has coke products on sale for 4 12 pks for 10 bucks. You can use a $1.00 coupon off each 12 pack and save big time. So you end up paying 6.00 for for 4 12 packs of any coke product.

To print out your coupons use this website and click on the coke coupon to should print out 10 at a time, ten fit about one sheet of can print out as many as you want.
Read the directions at the top of the page....the meat is also $2.00 off any amount also so it is a good time to stock up on it.
Happy shopping!
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Incredible deal!
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Thanks a bunch!
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great deal! Thank you!
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Thanks!! Hope Target doesn't give me any trouble with these coupons!!
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FYI...I use hese coupons all the time at two Target store in my area and never had any problems....the cashiers sometime don't know which barcode to scan sometimes. Others have no issues. If you go on you will see the same coupons.....most of them anyway.
This website just makes it easy to print out multiple coupons at one time.
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Great deal! Thanks bunches!
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I picked up 12 12pks of coke products today for only $18.00. Last time they had this deal I stocked up and ended up getting a bout 40 12pks.
Well, we were down to 5 pks left this week. So I will buy up to 40 more this week. Then next time they have the sale I will need coke again. I save tons! You figure 40 packs of cokes would cost me about 3.50 a pack normally.....equal out to about $140.00. I pay about $60.00. That is about a 80.00 savings over time.
They last did this same sale with coupons about 3 months ago. I have kept my eyes open to see if anyone could match or do better then this deal. I didn't see any better.
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Do you know if you have to use them at a SuperTarget or a regular Target?
Thanks so much for the heads up!!
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