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Originally Posted by Airel & Jocelynn's Mommy View Post

The other day I received the Nature's Bounty little tote.( as anyone else a little disappointed? Yeah I know it was free but it would have been nice if it was a little bigger)

I received mine a couple of months ago, and really like it. It is just the right size form me to carry a book and lunch in. I guess if I were to use it for shopping I would be a little disappointed in the size.
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Got the juicy juice sippy cup
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Colgate Total toothpaste ~ my fav
Glad Force Flex Garbage bag
9 lives coupon for free bag of food
Nature's Bonty bag
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Got my Dinner Made Easy $10 coupon book
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WOW I racked up this week! (all this is free)
O Magazine
motor trends magazine
Soccer magazine (for DD)
Quest magazine
sound and vision magazine
parenting magazine
cosmopolitian magazine
living the country life magazine
2 Charlie Brown Christmas DVD's
Mr. Kruegers Christmas DVD
Christmas Choral Highlights 2 CD
Tena ultra washcloths (5 in pkg)
Dunkin Doughnuts coffee sample bag
Kashi breakfast bar W/ coupon for free box +4 $2 coupons
2 coupons for free 20 oz Dr. Pepper
2 pairs of Hanes nononsense socks 2 coupons for 1.50 off
Sample bottle of "Happy"
Glad force trash bag
Good nights sample
Rebate checks $9.00 (combined)
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we have recieved hugo boss sample, betty crocker calender, rubbermaid coiupons, monster coupons.
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Got the glad trash bag today
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Juicy Juice sippy cup
Tide sample
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so far I have received $1.00 off Tide Total Care and $1.00 off New Tide Pen
Free Sample of Pantene shampoo and something else that I can't recall at this very moment.
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pantene from Walmart
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