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12 months to a homemade Christmas

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Okay, okay, I know. Christmas was just a few weeks ago and we're still recovering. Personally, I still have a few boxes that haven't been put away even.

And that makes this is a good time to remember all we went through all so recently and prepare for Christmas 2009. I'm going to bet that the economy won't be much better next year (sadly) so it is in our best interest to make next Christmas as low-cost and stress-free as possible.

That is why I'm proposing we spend the next 12 months preparing for a great homemade Christmas. We'll link these posts to the Creativity forum, too.

So here goes ...

~ Step One: Organize next years Christmas list. Who do you want to give to? Make notes of their likes and interests. If your family does a gift-draw and you don't know all the people you will be giving to, that is okay. You can make an unknown, generic person on your list and refine the gift ideas for them later.

~ Step Two: Make a list of general gifts you would like to give that are homemade. Some gifts - like gifts from the kitchen - MIGHT need to be made fresh. However, you can also prepare for those gifts by gathering up the ribbon, fabric, baskets and other decor that you'll need. You may also make some of your gifts from the kitchen during the fall harvest / food preservation season so you'll want to make note. Other gifts will need lots of time such as sewing and other craft projects.

~ Decide which projects you'll need to start on first then SLOWLY tackle each project in turn. But focusing on having all your gifts made by next December, we may end up giving some quality items that are far more valuable that anything that could be bought in stores.

So, what are you going to make first? Post many gift ideas so we can all be inspired!
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This is a great idea! I will be back with my list as soon as I prepare it!
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I've actually been thinking about this. I know I'm going to make some rag quilts, one for each of the girls I think but beyond that I have no ideal.
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I was thinking about making some homemade casseroles and freezing them for my sister for christmas. I have a food saver so that would work well. My sister does not like to cook and doesn't know how to make casseroles but she enjoys mine when she comes over for dinner. I have a friend that did this year before last and everyone she gave food items to just loved them. Just print up the heating instructions on a cute little tag and there is an easy dinner for them.
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What a great idea.
I just met a woman who sewed fleece robes for every member of her family -- seven children, children-in-law, and grandchildren.
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I know for a fact I'm making my mom, sister and sil a recipe box with recipes. I got the recipe cards on sale at Hobby Lobby at 90% off. I'm thinking of getting a book and altering it into a journal for my nephew and neice. I need to teach myself to crochet or knit so I can do some blankets.
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I am up for this!
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Ok here is goes.

dd's, nieces and nephews will be getting fleece tie blankets(8) (unless I learn how to sew in the next few months but that is very doubtful!) dd's and older nephew getting altered paper journals and I will think of something else crafty.
Adults are getting a basket with jar recipes, soup mixes, cookie mixes...
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I'm thinking I will make sachets for all the ladies in DH's family- there are 7 older ladies. I have lots of miscellaneous fabric.
For my nephews (2 young boys) I am making blankets with more fabric I have laying around.
Don't know about my brothers and my dad yet!

At least it's a start
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I've been thinking about this already.
-For DH's grandparents I think I'm going to make a fleece tie blanket, snowman soup and a soup mix. Kindof a comfort type basket.
-I'm going to make art buckets for the little cousins. I figure I will buy all the crayons, markets, glue etc when the back to school stuff is cheap and then throw in some extras like foam sheets, pipecleaners, wiggle eyes, etc.
-For the older little girls I'm making Toe Jam jars- Jars decorated and filled with nail polish, nail stickers, nail files, toe separators, etc.
-I also want to make a super hero cape for my son like someone on here mentioned, but I don't know how to sew, so we will see how that
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