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Help me decorate my kitchen!

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So I've gotten the go ahead from DH to (frugally) decorate the kitchen, within reason. Mainly, I want to paint and make curtains, and whatever "extra" either has to be homemade or whatever I can find cheap on craigslist!

So, I want to paint, make curtains, and possibly put down new tile, though it will have to be peel and stick vinyl or whatnot (which there is a remnant outlet place close where I can get that for very cheap).

Here is my sad kitchen. The beautiful mint/lime green was my latest project, which was yanking out the false top of the cabinets, which now gives me a nice shelf all around, where I can FINALLY put some of my grandma's antique stuff on.

The brick isn't real brick, but has to stay, it's fake. I hate it, but DH will not let me rip it out totally, because that means he would have to redrywall the whole area. I guess I don't blame him on that. It MUST be painted though. It's gross.

DH isn't enthused about painting all of the cupboards, but I think I can get away with painting the trim and like cabinet part, and leave the doors.

Obviously appliances are as is. Not buying new!

The nifty piece of plywood under the microwave is the child blocker, and where I hoard all my "big" food stuff. I would like to put a different board there, paint it, and perhaps put something else to "hide" that, but it has to withstand little, strong fingers.

Oh, and for looks, I'm thinking around the lines of country or like "hunting lodge". Not modern, not retro, not fancy.

The lovely wallpaper border of the other room that butts to the kitchen will go. I hate it.

Pics of now!

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I've gotta warn you painting cabinets is a big, big project! You have to scrub them down with a solution to make sure every bit of grease is off them, then sand them, prime them, etc. If you are going to paint them, i would highly recommend a product called Cabinet Coat, it dries to a nice hard finish that is scratch resistant. It's a little pricey but worth it and it's best applied with a super smooth roller. I will try to post a pic of mine. I had really dark brown yucky cabinets myself.
Maybe spray paint the cabinet pulls for a fresher look.

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Ignore my ugly 'brady bunch' flooring, i hate it but it's gonna be really pricey to replace since it runs into my laundry room and my front entry hall too. So for now i just live with it.
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Yeah, I have the nifty gold flecked stuff. I hate that too :D
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This is going to be a quick reply because I need to put the kids to bed soon (they are watching a dvd).

I don't think your kitchen looks that bad! My old kitchen was hideous.. lol. However, I do understand wanting to give it a face lift.

I'm not very good with decorating advice. I painted my kitchen taupe and have an ivory curtain at the sink that has butterflies on it. I do not have a theme or anything.

I think the cabinets are fine. I would not paint them. It is so hard to get them to cover and then it is harder to clean. If I were you, I would just change the hardware.

Kitchen curtains are so cheap, I couldn't justify making them, unless you already have the material.

The "cabinet exploration" phase will be short (in my experience with two girls) so would just put some shelves in the area under the microwave. If your hubby or handyman friend can make a door that would be even better.

A word of warning, the vinyl squares are horrible, I would pick out the thickest vinyl you can find at the outlet and go with that.

I think your antiques will look lovely above the cabinets.

I probably haven't been much help but I wish you good luck
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I would not paint the cabinets, replace the hardware. For a hunting lodge look, they sell some hardware that is brushed nickel and is shaped like branches. Go with colors of gold, burgengy, hunter green and a rich brown. For curtains, look for some fabric with a combo of rich lodge colors. Our goodwill has a nice old tablecloth selection that I am sure you could find a large piece to do the windows. If what you can afford is the vinyl, make sure your floor is very clean before you apply. In a home improvement store- they sell floor stripper that works well. Get the highest grade of vinyl you can afford and they sell. A nice cream tone on the walls and above the cabinets would look great and show off your antiques very well. If it is in your budget, see if you can find a pre-made door for the hiding place. Maybe even a handyman might be able to make one for you very reasonable.
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Would a curtain that matches the window curtain work in that cubby area?
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This is what it looked like when we moved in, none of this stuff is mine. Dig the green, now that is ugly!

Here is the remodeled kitchen, almost 2 years old now. My husband built a frame to hold recessed cabinets instead of the awesome spindles.

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Originally Posted by Country~mouse View Post

Would a curtain that matches the window curtain work in that cubby area?

I was thinking that, too. It would be easy to put some fabric on a little tension rod.
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LOL! I love the nifty thing over the microwave/stove!
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