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Walgreens playtex sport tampons

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This week Walgreens has playtex sport tampons on sale 2/$6. There was a $2.50 coupon in this past week's coupon section of the Sun paper. I had 2 coupons so I only paid .50/box!
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Thanks I'm going to Walgreens what a deal
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oo me too! Thanks
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That is such a great deal. They also have if you spend $20 on Unilever products you get s $5 coupon printed out at the register- I went today and bought All laundry detergent and Suave body wash- I went over the $20 mark- but my coupons brought it under $20- so I guess that is why I didn't get the coupon- which is weird- but the cashier seemed pretty ditzy. I think I may call and see if it is because of my coupons that I didn't get the $5 coupon???
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I took advantage of this sale also since I had 2 $2.50 coupons also. But what made it even sweeter was that I received a coupon for a free box of the regular pearl tampax. It printed out once the transaction was completed. This is my 2nd free box I have received from walgreens.

I have been stockpiling on these things b/w the walgreens and cvs deals and haven't had to pay for any of them except for this time (gee, a whole $1). Funny thing is, I'm nursing and so I don't need them right now. But when I do, I'll be ready and won't have to buy any for a long time.:D
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I forgot to say I received the free coupon for the tampax pearl tampons too! I got this last time too when I bought the playtex sport tampons when they wer free with the rebate.
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Thanks for the great tip on a fantastic bargin. Maybe we should have what we feel is the deal of the week from CVS and Walgreens as a weekly topic. This definately gets my vote for Walgreens this week.
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