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vacuum sealer bags, food savers, etc.

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For those of you who vacuum seal extra food...does it work well? Are you saving money? How long (on average) are you finding things last over just a standard freezer bag? Did you all go with the name brand food saver type packages....or does ziplocs vacuum version work just as well?

After going grocery shopping last night and rearranging the freezer I ended up tossing 4 lbs of chicken I had in the freezer in doubled freezer bags , I need an alternative. Meat etc is pricey as it is, on sale generally applies to the bulk packages of 5+ lbs. The "family size"...but if I can't save the excess, I'm obviously not coming out ahead. I've also heard of freezing broth and soup etc and tossing them in the food saver bags, veggies, fruits, etc.

If they work well and do keep foods X amount longer I can see investing in one, but I wanted to get everyone elses opinions and see what you all have found that works or doesn't work.

Thanks guys!

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Yes, vacuum packing foods for the freezer really does help prevent freezer burn.

I just read an article in Cooks Illustrated that said that they tried the ziplock vacuum packer and it tested just as well as the Tilla Foodsaver. For the price, it might be a good way to start vacuum packing. If you need to process large quantities, then you can decide to invest in the Tilla Foodsaver.

And remember, vacuum packing is a good way to store shelf-stable foods and items in the refrigerator (cheese, for instance). Just remember, it won't make a food that needs to be refrigerated into a food that is shelf-stable.
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My husband got me one for Christmas a couple of years ago (Rival). I tried out the walmart brand bags and wasn't very happy with them. I stick with the rival bags and haven't ever had any problems with them.
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We vaccuum seal everything. It definitely makes a huge difference in being able to save stuff. We have a foodsaver and it works great. I would say it pays for itself. I tried the ziploc but I thought it was harder to use and did not work as well as the foodsaver.
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I got a Foodsaver for Xmas & asked about it here, so if you do a search for Foodsaver you should find that thread. I finally pulled it out this week & tried to use it and it did not work. Called customer service & they tried guiding me thru all sorts of troubleshooting & it looks like I got a lemon. I have to ship it in to them & they will replace it with an even newer model than the one I had. Their customer service was very nice. But my unit didn't work.
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I have a really old Foodsaver that I received as a gift and I use it a lot. Especially for freezer stuff. We process our own wild game and vacuum seal it all. Last year we only lost one package that didn't seal right and we didn't see it (and it was liver, so no big loss IMO) . I also vac seal chili, soup, veggies etc when there's enough for another meal and I won't use it right away. I do get much better results with the Foodsaver brand bags. I don't use it much for refrigerator stuff just because it's a hassle to re-seal something every time you use it.
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I love mine....I did my corn this yr...and it really does a whole lot better then if you did it in regular ziplock bags....I just do freezer stuff in mine...I have found that if you put your stuff in the freezer to just barely freeze it then the juice is not a problem...I have had a problem before with some meat juices...but it is a great investment.
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We buy meat in large quantities and use our Foorsaver. We have never had a problem
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I got a Rival Seal A Meal for xmas a couple years ago. I really like it for freezing things that you want to last a while. I do have a hard time with liquids but it might be becuase I am being stingy on the size of the bag or overfilling.

I buy meat on sale and separate and freeze. I've also used it for shredded cheese and recently blanched veggies (don't know the result of that yet).
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I have seen someone use water to "vacuum seal". He fills a sink with water, and when packing up ziploc bags, leaves a small hole open and puts the bag under water (keeping the hole above water, of course), to force all the air out. It certainly seems airless the way he does it, and he believes it keeps much better in the freezer. But I have not tried it myself, so I'm just throwing the information out there.
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