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Poll Results: How much is in your emergency fund?

  • 38% (13)
    I don't have an emergency fund.
  • 47% (16)
    0-3 months living expenses
  • 5% (2)
    3-6 months living expenses
  • 8% (3)
    6+ months living expenses
34 Total Votes  
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We have the $1000 baby fund. After the debt's all paid off we'll save up 3 mo's expenses. Hopefully beginning next year.
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I have about 3 months, I need 6 monhs, so I have about 15k more to save. We'll get there! I did the retirement calc, and it said we need to save $700/month to be where we want to be at retirement. We are doing that if not more every month so we're on our way!
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Nothing, Nada, zip zelch. (Ok we do have some less accessable funds)

Anyone have one of those times where too many emergencies come up at once. Seriously Dh just had surgery this past month and an emergency room visit last month meening the two medical bills are on two different years and we are stuck paying our deductable twice. So we are looking at about 2K in medical bills and it christmas time when most of us seam to spend a little more. Add that to a car accedent in July and an emergency fund is tough to keep in tack.

So our big plan for our tax return includes. Paying off a CC, replacing $200 I used from DDs savings, Replacing $500 we normally keep in savings for when we are short, and $1000 to the emergency account for the next thing that comes up. Anything left will go toward the CC

I see paying off debt as being a larger priority at the momment. Have something but then focus on the debt as its what is costing us the most every month.
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I currently have about 3 1/2 months expenses saved up and am working as hard as I can to build it up more. I owe about $78k total on mortgage and credit cards, but my interest rates are good (4.9% or less on everything). For that reason, I am concentrating more on savings than debt repayment; if my rates were high, it might be a different story. I do pay more than minimums on my credit cards, though, as well as the interest that accrued the previous month. If I stay on track, my credit cards should be paid off in a little over 3 years and my mortgage in about 7.
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we dont have one but we just did taxes today, and we will be getting a months living expense back, so we decided to save that and keep adding to it...and maybe take a little out for our 21st bdays!
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We had a good emergency fund at one point and used it up when dh lost his job. We have been trying to save up again. We have about $1200 right now and we are going to put most of our tax return in that account this year.
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