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What are your kids giving for Valentines?

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For my boys (5th grade, 4th grade, 3rd grade and kindergarten) I have some valentine goodie bags that they are filling with candy to give to their classmates. For my 3rd grade class I got Fun Dip. I was going to do the candy bags also, but since my son is in the class, I didn't think we should give the same thing.
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Dh and I are going to help with the bowling party,then the class room party we are taking napkins and juice boxes and we also bought valentines cards and pencils for all.It is gonna be a long day of wild kids but fun lol
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I was thinking of getting a bag of dum dums for both kids to take to school. I know, not very exciting. But now I am thinking made sending some juice boxes. I did not sign up to take treats for my kindergartener and my first grader, his teacher will send home a note telling you what to send if you are chosen. Example she sent home a letter for Christmas telling to send a gallon of apple cider for the Christmas party. I also was thinking of buying small apples for the boys to take for treats too. I dont know, I am sure I will be making a late night trip to wally for something the night before.
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My dd in fourth grade is giving out valentines and lollipops. I'm sending in plates and napkins that her teacher asked me to buy for their valentine breakfast.
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Homemade valentines. We are not allowed to give candy, which I have absolutely no problem with. Ds still has Halloween candy! I'm sure he'll still be getting some though, every where you go you encounter people who are sure the rules don't mean them!

If I don't have to work, I'll be there for the party. Even if I do work, though, I am sending in cheese bites with Valentine picks (hot glue a valentine foamy to toothpicks - keep the paper backing on - really quick and makes a nice presentation) and crackers for the kids. We are encouraged to bring healthy treats, so the rice crispie hearts I was going to bring are a no-go (corn syrup). I was going to make them with honey and peanut butter, but I have no idea if anyone is allergic or not - I'm thinking not, but these days, peanut butter - even outside the poisioning thing - is not something I'd ever bring to school anyway.
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My DD (5th grade) and DS (4th grade) made their own valentine cards and are handing out snack bags of butter microwave popcorn.
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DS usually takes three candy items in a goody bag with a heart shaped tag that says "Happy Valentine's Day" that serves as his 'card' and his 'treat'.

His class is having a party with all kinds of treats (cupcakes, cookies, rice krispie treats etc) games, craft and swimming. We got a nice block of time for their party and were able to reserve the pool at his it should be fun!
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