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Is there anyone in this group trying to adopt or have adopted?
We are currently trying to adopt our third child. We have been waiting for 3 months now. Just thought I would see if anyone is in the same position or has been.
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Yep! We are currently adopting a little girl from Ethiopia.

There are others here as well...I am sure they will pipe in or PM you.

Where did you adopt? Where are you currently adopting?
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we're trying to get there! we decided in September to adopt, then in October found out we were pregnant, then lost the baby, and now, when we're ready to start the process again, DH gets laid off. We're wanting to adopt from Ethiopia.
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Hi Ladies! Good to see others in our same situation. We are trying to adopt domestically. We have been in the process for 6 months now but officially approved and waiting for 3 months. It is an emotional journey isnt it? We have two sons of our own and hope to add a little princess to our family. We are in Va.
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We just got home October 29th 2008 from China with our first child. She just turned one year old last month.
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We are just starting out. I have always wanted to adopt. We are not sure where we want to adopt from. The thing we do know is we want a deaf child. I can't wait to move forward. I have been filling out the paper work. It feels a lot like home work from back in the day. I just don't have my mom telling to to do it. Instead I keep tell DH to do it. How you picked where you would adopt from?
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I'm curious, and feel free to tell me it's none of my business, but why adopt fromoverseas? Why not adopt a local child?
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Originally Posted by Phoenyx View Post

I'm curious, and feel free to tell me it's none of my business, but why adopt fromoverseas? Why not adopt a local child?

Thank you Phoenyx, I was wondering the same thing. I always thought that there were thousands of children in the US that needed adopted too. Please no attacks, just curious.
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We chose international because we didn't want to a birth mother to screw us over since we are on a tight budget. The $$ for international is more definite and sometimes cheaper. A friend of mine adopted domestically and they were screwed over by the birthmom. She had them pay for her apartment, new car, school, groceries, etc. She held their baby for ransom basically. I know that is something we can't handle.
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You adopt from a certain place because that is where your child is. It is pretty much that simple.

Some people feel led to get pregnant and add to the US population and their family that way, others know their children are in the US (with different birth parents) and add to their family that way, and, finally, others know their children are somewhere else in the world and have that as their journey.
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