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How do you store flour?

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I am going to be purchasing a large amount of flour @ Sam's Club this weekend and I'm trying to get an idea, as to how I should store it. I have read that some of you use sealable buckets & I was wondering where you store the bucket. I don't think I have enough storage in my pantry for a large bucket, could I keep it in the garage? Do you have to deal w/bugs? Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated! TIA!
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I store my flour bags in our chest freezer in our basement. I use an ice cream pail to store a smaller portion in our upstairs refrigerator freezer to keep it handy in the kitchen. This is how my mother always stored her flour also, so I continued to do the same when I moved away from home.
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I have always store my flour in the freezer.

Even when I had the cafe and bought my flour in 100lb bags, I store it in the walk in cooler. Even though I use it up fairly fast.

Also, if there are any weevil eggs, putting the flour in the freezer kills them.
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I keep mine in the refrig.
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I keep mine in a bucket in the laundry room in the basement (with other food storage). I don't have an extra freezer, or I would consider doing that.
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I also store mine in the freezer. I keep my current bag in a ziploc bag in my pantry. Then I keep a 5 lb bag in my kitchen freezer and then usually two to three more 5lb bags in my garage freezer. Just depends when I buy it for a good price, stocking up etc
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My mom always said to store it in the freezer or the flavor will go off eventually. And I just tossed some whole wheat flour that I had had around forever, unfrozen, and which did, in fact, taste funny when I tried to use it.

It's true about the weevils, too. We aren't able to stock up on flour for that reason--no freezer space.
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I use big Tupperware containers and store in the pantry. If there are bugs in them they will crawl to the top and try and get out but die because of the air tight lid. Then you can just scoop them out. I know gross but at least they are gone. I did hear that if you buy a batch that has them in you can take it back to the store and most places will replace your bag. I don't know if this is true or not.
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You're supposed to freeze flour for 48 hours to kill the weevil eggs. If you don't have room in the freeze for the whole large bag, then you can do it in batches. I recommend divying up a large bag anyway. That way if one bag is ruined you didn't lose your whole supply.

I prefer to vacuum pack my flour after I've frozen it. There is a little trick to it but it can be done. You can also vacuum pack the flour in large canning jars if you have a good place to store them.

Never store flour in a place that it too hot or could get too hot. Most garages are cold right now but summer is only a few months away. Flour can get rancid and then it is unusable.

Some people pack their flour in a mylar bag that has been tucked into a sealable bucket. The close the mylar bag the place a couple of bay leaves on top (again to prevent pests) then throw in an 'air eliminiator packet' and seal the lid. The bucket will be nearly vacuum packed until you open it again.
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I keep the flour that I am currently using in a large plastic tupperware container in my pantry. It is big enough to hold a 5 lb bag of flour. When I buy other bags of flour on sale, I keep them in the freezer until I need them.
They also sell flour sacks at Sam's that you can buy to seperate your flour, then you could keep it in your freezer/pantry, etc...
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