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Expired meds/creams/first aid/etc

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When do you know you should throw out an expired cream/first aid/meds/etc. I have heard that they put the expiration date on somethings but it is not necessarily when you need to discard it.

For example - I have a container of calmine lotion dated 04 -- would you throw it out?
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I don't think calamine goes bad.
From what a pharmacist friend told me, the only things that really cause problems as they age are antibiotics - as they break down over time, they can become toxic. Other meds, such as corticosteroids, don't become toxic, they just lose potency. Analgesics last forever, but the FDA requires an expiration date on all OTC and prescription medications.
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I wouldn't throw it out. I mean the worst that could happen is that it doesn't help very much. I would think the only time you would have to worry is with prescription oral medicines. And even then I would take them several years past the expiration date.
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My mom had a can of First aid burn spray I can't think of what it is called but I remember that same can for like 10 years or so cause it was something we didn't use often and it still worked. I think if you put it in your body you should follow the expiration date or up to a year after. If it goes on your body like an ointment or anything like that I wouldn't worry about trashing it. This reminds me of the time an old friend asked me if Band-aids have a expiration date. I said No lol they are sterile.
I think it was Solarcaine.
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