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If my babes are hungry, I feed them. I would bring waters, and snacks but not a full on picnic lunch if the rules said no food.
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We always put granola or cereal bars, sandwiches, and bottles of water in a backpack, and no one ever challenged us - we did it at Disney World, and we do it every year at Jazz Fest.
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I have done it before. We have season passes to our zoo and they say no food or drinks...their water is $2.25. No way am I paying that much for water. They have a really nice picnic area so we normally take a picnic and go out there.
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We usually leave a cooler in the car and then head out there to sit in the AC to take a break from the heat and have lunch.
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We have so many special food requirements, I can't help but bring my own food. Some people also have special dietary needs like diabetics or people on medication who have to sip water constantly. If I had a season pass, I definately would take a break to eat elsewhere mostly because I wouldn't want my child to start associating the park with purchasing food. I'm already fighting that one with DD who now associates a trip to the mall with a stop at the food court - augh!
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We have Sea World passes and always bring in snacks. We don't "sneak" it in. It's in clear view when they search our backpack. We never have a problem.

They do refuse bags of fast food (like Taco Bell, McD, etc.).

We have Passholder souvenier mugs and refill those for a bit of a savings.
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I used to work in the front gate area of a local amusement park. They would say no outside food or drink, and they would enforce it on items that are perishable. Usually packaged food (not homemade) and drinks could make it in as long as you weren't brining a cooler that made it obvious what you were doing. Also, things for babies were fine as well. I think the park wanted to make sure no one got sick by brining in outside food and then blame it on the park.

For instance, no sandwiches were allowed because they could have mayo that could make someone sick if it got hot.

It made people mad, but they were given the option of using a picnic shelter in the parking lot.

Believe me, most of the people who work this area in a park want to help you as much as they can because they know how much you paid to park and get in. They want you and your kids to enjoy it and they don't want to be a jerk unless they have to.

I personally will bring water and juice boxes in as well as little packaged snacks in a backpack. We usually buy a meal or two and split it.
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The one park we go to has signs and it is just known that no outside food or drink is allowed inside the park. Last time we went , we ate a picnic lunch right before going in, and yeah I did kind of conceal some items for my kids in the diaper bag. Nothing exciting other than a couple juice boxes and snacks.
Ok , so I was thinking I was breaking the law And I saw MANY people eating their own food out in the open. One lady in particular , I was so jealous of actually , cause she had a nice big plastic container of Fruit cut up , and she was eating a yougurt. I also saw LOTS of water bottles , juice boxes and cans of soda.
I didn't get it. I would've brought so much more ... I wondered if these people were sneaking this stuff in , yet they were eating and drinking out in the open , so I guess its no secret.
I agree on the food quality and price!! I don't understand why they can't just offer a few things at cheap prices I mean 4.00 for a soda ? 5.50 for a burger?? Why?? I know that people don't have to go and that people do pay those prices, still I always wondered why they wouldn't offer a few healthy cheaper choices , to deter people from sneaking stuff in.
That or the park price should include a voucher for a free drink at least!!
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I refuse to spend what they charge on a bottled water so yes I have juice boxes/water and snacks with me. We pack a lunch and leave it in the car.
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I have and do sneak in food, into multiple places. For example; the zoo, museum, amusement parks, movie theatres. I figure if they weren't trying to charge me $4.50 for a hot dog and $5 for a medium drink I would not have to resort to "breaking the rules."

I only have two children so its pretty easy to sneak. I think if you went w/a large group, it would be more difficult to be under the radar.
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