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Some ideas on websites to make money~

Your own product:
Basically create and sell your own product. Things like e-books are easy since everything can be downloaded and it's instant. There are companies the specialize in e-books, both creating and selling. Having an actual product might be harder depending on how fast you can produce the item and then you have the shipping to deal with.

There are wholesale companies that dropship. You take the order, then place the order for your customer and the wholesale company sends the order to the customer. Some companies are free to use and don't require you to buy in bulk. I have even used it for personal use. You just mark up your prices to make profit and you don't have to worry about keeping inventory or shipping.

Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate marketing is great if you don't want to worry about dealing with customers. You create a website and promote other companies and get a commision off of anything they buy after going through your link. There are lots of affiliates out there so finding a good niche is key since some markets are to saturated.

Hope this helps
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Content writing is also a legit work at home opportunity. There are websites that provide job offers such as Odesk. Internet marketers are always in search of qualified home based writers to help them create articles that would promote their products and services.
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Online surveys have been pretty good to me! I also write articles on and do pretty well.
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Hey all!

I've done years of research looking for a real, legal way to work from home and replace my full time income. I've been scammed out of so much money and was about to give up.

On my last attempt, I found an awesome group of moms to work with. I now work from home when I want and absolutely love what I do! I also get to stay home with my beautiful 22 month old daughter!

I work for myself but not by myself

I don't sell anything, keep inventory, collect money, or meet quotas.

I can say with confidence that I'm living the dream and reaching my goals!
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If you are good at internet research and have an interest in health-related issues, is currently hiring. I have worked for them since April 2008 and love it. I have been a single mom since December 2008 when I separated from my now ex-husband and this has been my sole income (outside of the little bit of child support I receive). So there is good money doing this (though it's not "quick and easy" money...I work 25-35 hours/week).

This is not a referral deal for me, although if you use me as a referral, I can make $250 once you do 250 pages (so if you want my last name, let me extra $250 is always welcome! lol)...though this is NOT required.

Anyways, they come highly recommended! Great people, great work, and best of all, a great location (for me it's my kitchen table).
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Gift Baskets represent a 3 billion dollar industy in the US and with the economic recovery possibly not far away now could be a great time to start researching your gift basket startup.

You can work from home and only have to set aside a small space.

With the dropshipping business model you only have to focus on what you are good at. In other words you can create baskets and put them together and have others sell them for you or if you prefer you can focus on marketing baskets from a dropshipper.

But doing it all is not hard and you can grow at your own pace.

The path to success it either by mastering online sales or by going out and getting corporate clients as they are the regular spenders that make up around 40% of the market.

All in all, a great work at home opportunity with great profit and lifestyle potential!
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I do consignment shopping and I love it. I go to lots of yard sales, esate sales, thrift stores, etc and take my fabulous finds to different consignment shops in the area. I take top quality children's items to a children's consignment shop, high end ladies clothes to another, furniture to another. If you go to yard sales at the very end, you can get some great items very reasonable. Many people love to shop in nice consignment stores, but would never dig through piles of stuff at a yard sale. I have bought many things for less than one dollar, that have sold in the "stores" for fifty dollars or more, and I get half of everything they sell. I don't have to pay overhead, spend 8 hours a day tending the store, etc.
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What is it that you do from home? I have been looking for something but keep finding scams =(
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I retired from corp world a few years ago when my kiddo was going to kindergarten. I did go stir crazy and tried a few wfh businesses. I have found one that I love and it's really easy. I am a stylist with this company at night. I also found a need for private investigators in my state so I got my PI License and work from home as a PI.
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I just sell things that is no longer needed & I have signed up for several survey sites where I can turn my opinions into cash by answering online surveys..
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