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thank you for some ideas to work from home
I keep searching for something to bring in some extra money
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Originally Posted by Missystuy View Post

Thanks!! I know of some people that work for Liveops and workathomeagent, and they do well and make a decent amount of money. I've tried a few times to get in it, its not easy to do! I think I may try again.

I did liveops for a while but it turned out to not be worth the hassle and the investment (time and also money on the required business phone line)
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Originally Posted by D/Dsmom View Post

thank you for some ideas to work from home
I keep searching for something to bring in some extra money is one i know works. they recently changed the way they pay so i'm not certain how great it is as far as pay for new people, but i've had a good experience with them
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This is another popular online business that anybody can usually start out with. E-Bay is a popular online auction website that millions of people use every day to find good deals on items they are looking for.

You can sell anything you have at home as well as selling items using a drop ship method. If you do a search on the e-bay site, you will see a whole variety of items that people are selling.

They could be used items or brand new items that come from wholesalers. Either way, people will pay good money if you provide them with what they’re looking for.

Some people go so far as to buy items from flea markets and garage sales for the sole purpose of reselling them on ebay for a profit.

If you can find a "VOID" and then fill it, You can become wealthy!
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Hello All,

I will throw my two cents in. I work for Liveops, Cha Cha and a company called Lionbridge I rate internet Landing pages. I found these job at a prescreener site called They have lists of surveys as well as daily freebies. I am a single work from home mom of a two year old and I am making it. I really like the surveys you can make a money for those extras. I hope this helps someone.
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I work with a direct sales company (Homemade Gourmet) I like this company b/c I don't have to convince someone to buy good food. I enjoy going to the home parties. I'm a people person, and I homeschool my children, so it's my 'out'

My husband and I work together with a company. This is great b/c we purchase products that we are already going to use ( like laundry detergent, dishsoap, etc.) and they're chemical free. So they're safe for my family and the environment. What we do is refer customers to the company, and we then make money for refering customers. This is nice, b/c I would tell people about these great products anyway! With this company, I DON'T have to leave my house. So I actually work at home.
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So, I just recently started a WAH business and it is going great! I am not selling anything. I am justing telling others about a products that are non toxic, eco friendly and better for your family. And I am making money while doing it. So, I can spend my days with my daughter!!
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I just started working for a direct sales company and love it. I work maybe one night a week and can make any where from 250.00 and up a night depending how much i work it and how good the sales are. 250 has been the lowest i have made in one night. I am working towards giving up my full time job very soon to be home with my two year old daughter. I love this new company very much!
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I work from home doing insurance credentialing for doctors and other healthcare providers. Other people I work with handle office setup for new practices. I've done this for about three years because it's a friend of mine who owns the business. I LOVE it! It's completely, 100% at home. The majority of it I can do at night, and the 30% of daytime work I have, my hubby is here to watch the youngest for. It works out wonderfully for us. If you're looking into a WAH opportunity, I think the insurance field, especially the health insurance field is a good place to look. I work with alot of reps from health insurance companies who are also doing the majority of their work from home, if not all of it.
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Hi everyone!
I do freelance writing for Demand Studios. When i was searching for work to do from home I came across a great resource. This site has a list of companies that hire people to work at home and they post jobs daily. This is how I found my job with Demand Studios! The website is Occupational Highway. Good luck on your searches! I have a friend that does call center work from home for LiveOps and she loves it.
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