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Pure Romance by Raven

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For years, women have had to choose between a career and staying home to raise children. At Pure Romance, thousands of women do both!

Pure Romance lets you set your own schedule, be your own boss, and make the money you deserve. Through in-home parties, you will have the opportunity to experience financial freedom without sacrificing your valuable family time.

As a Consultant, you can easily earn $200 - $600 a party! Whether you’re a stay-at-home mother or working woman, you can make the kind of money that is sure to enhance your lifestyle.

The best part is that you get to make a difference in other people’s lives. Plus have a great time doing it!

What is Pure Romance?
Pure Romance is an in-home party plan for women. Our consultants provide a safe environment for women to ask questions they wouldn't necessarily ask of their own gynecologist. Guests have an opportunity to sample the hottest relationship enhancement products on the market, and take those products home with them the night of the party!

Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a Pure Romance Consultant
Pure Romance Consultants are business owners. You will be in business for yourself, which is great because YOU decide when you would like to work. You can do one party a month or twenty - it's up to you!

Q. How do I sign up?
A. Call me! I'll answer any questions you may have and get the paperwork submitted for you. OR you can also sign up online here. As your sponsor, it's my responsibility to help train you, serve as a sounding board, and provide ongoing support.

Q. How much does it cost to get started?
A. Usually $250 - $1000 for your starter kit. All new consultants purchase a starter kit and sign a consultant contract. The starter kit includes the products and paperwork you will need to do your first party or (or few parties...depending on what kit you select).

Q. How do you earn money as a Pure Romance consultant?
A. There are multiple ways to earn income as a consultant. Let's quickly review them:

1. Buy products at wholesale and sell them at retail (pretty much like any retail business). Consultants start at a 35% buying discount and can eventually move up as high as 60%. We do not sell our products in stores, so the vehicle for selling is through in-home parties. Women invite you into their homes to entertain their friends by demonstrating our sophisticated line of lotions, lubricants, massage aides and bedroom accessories.
2. Direct customers to your website. When customers visit your FREE website and place orders, Pure Romance processes these orders for you and pays you a commission based on the amount of the purchase and your consultant level.
3. Build a successful team of consultants. Recruiting is always a choice - never required. However when you invite other women into the business, Pure Romance rewards you with a higher buying discount, override bonuses and free products.

Q. How much do you make at a party?
A. My average net profit for a $500 show is $200. Not bad for under four hours of work! Of course this is different for everyone. Consultants who have earned a larger buying discount will earn more and those just starting out may earn less.

Q. What type of women sell Pure Romance?
A. ALL kinds of women! Discard any preconceived notions you may have about the types of women who do romance parties. We have 18 year old college girls and 65 year old grandmothers, high school dropouts and attorneys, women who have struggled financially and those who were financially set long before they decided to become consultants. Each woman has her own unique story for why she decided to join.

Q. What kinds of training and support is offered?
A. TONS! Pure Romance offers an online "Pure Romance University" to consultants that will provide you with the basics of starting and running your business. Other training/support includes regional market trainings (if available in your area), annual training in Cincinnati, and consultant forums to connect with others across the country.

You'll also have me! I take my job as a sponsor seriously and will be available to you as much or as little as you need me. If you don't live locally, I am never more than a phone call or email away. We offer team meetings and training calls. I'll also provide you with a supplemental New Consultant Handbook that has lots of tips I've picked up in the field.

Q. I could never get up in front of strangers and talk about sex! How do you do it?
A. If you told me a few years ago I would be doing this, I never would have believed you! I could hardly talk with my girlfriends about sex, let alone complete strangers. However, the training and support offered is phenomenal, and once you get through the first show jitters, it's a piece of cake!

Q. What if I just don't like it?
A. Then quit - no hard feelings. When you start, I'll work with you on a plan to do a handful of shows to try it out. If at that point you decide it's not for you, you should have your kit paid for and money in your pocket. At that point you can throw in the towel and have some very nice products for yourself. BUT you might decide that you love it!

Q. What are the monthly quotas and recruiting requirements?
A. There aren't any. Once you become "active" which means that you've sold $250 in retail products with 60 days of signing up (very easy to do at your first party), you just need to place a $50 retail order every two calendar months to remain active. There are no recruiting requirements, but there are rewards for building a successful team.

Q. Will I have a website?
A. Yes! Pure Romance provides all consultants with a FREE personal website and corporate email. Orders placed through your website are processed and shipped by our office in Ohio, and you receive a commission based on the size of the order and your consultant level. Direct people to your website and reap rewards for doing nothing at all!

Q. How do I book parties?
A. There are lots of ways to book parties when you are first starting out. Most of your bookings will come from your other parties. The first thing you'll want to do is host your own debut party where you will invite all the women you know to help you launch your business! This is something I can help you with. I also have a great document with 100 booking ideas I'll share with you.

Q. Why Pure Romance vs. other Romance companies?
A. We're a class act and give back a tremendous amount to the community. Not only are our parties tasteful and educational, Pure Romance is affiliated with a number of academic institutions (Sex Education week at Yale! Kinsey Institute!) and philanthropic organizations (we have a program specifically designed to help women undergoing cancer treatment rediscover their sensous selves). We've been featured in tons of publications (Women's Health, Forbes, Entrepreneur), and on television programs like "the View" and "Mother Knows Sex"

Q. I have children at home. How does that work?
A. Many successful consultants have young families. By taking a few precautionary measures (such as establishing a locked "Pure Romance closet") you can successfully run your business while establishing boundaries with your children.

Q. What is the role of a "Sponsor"?
A. A sponsor's role is to help mentor you in the business. When you are first getting started, you will have TONS of questions! It's your sponsor's role to help you navigate through your first few parties and provide ongoing support as you grow your business. Having a sponsor is not required. However, you don't gain anything by not having one, and potentially miss out on a valuable resource with "field" experience!
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Is there a link to your business' homepage?

Do reps get samples in their starter kits? Are they required to use them?

I think it'd be fun to go to one of those parties.
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I have the link in the 'How do I sign up?' section but the direct link is here My Website

Consultants will receive full size bottles of the lotions, lube and other products that come in our kit.

Having a Pure Romance party is a blast, most of my hostesses book and then rebook a party at least twice a year when the new products come out.
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Wow! Your website is very ...ahem... informative! I may have to surprise dh with something one of these days.

I don't have MySpace. Is there any other way to get the weekly/monthly sales specials?
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There a quite a few 'romance' websites out there that just sell products. We are here to educate women that is why there is a lot of information.

If you would like to PM me with your name and email address I can add you to my contacts.
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Pure Romance is offering 1,000 start up kits to women that have been laid off!!! If you are interesting in this please send me a message or email me at

ALSO this month we are offering a $99 starter kit!!!
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April Kit Sale

$99 Kit (Valued at over $250) Start at a 35% Buying Discount!

$250 Kit (Valued at over $550) Start at a 35% Buying Discount!

$500 Kit (Valued at over $1,000) on sale for $450 + Automatic Activation and 40% Buying Discount!

$1,000 Kit (Valued at over $2,100) + Automatic Activation and 40% Buying Discount!

Sale ends April 15th
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Our New Kit Specials have been extended to the end of the month!!


April Kit Sale

$99 Kit (Valued at over $250) Start at a 35% Buying Discount!

$250 Kit (Valued at over $550) Start at a 35% Buying Discount!

$500 Kit (Valued at over $1,000) on sale for $450 + Automatic Activation and 40% Buying Discount!

$1,000 Kit (Valued at over $2,100) + Automatic Activation and 40% Buying Discount!
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Want to get into shape and have the hubby enjoy your workout?!?!

We have a STRIPPER POLE now! It comes with a instructional dvd, feather boa and fake money!

For more info on it go to MY WEBSITE
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Kit Specials Through June 30th
Great Savings on Our Best Selling Kits!

Choose From 3 Discounted Starter Kit Options:

LIMITED TIME $149 Kit!- Valued over $300
$250 BRONZE KIT - Valued over $500
$500 SILVER KIT On Sale For $399- Valued over $1000
$1000 GOLD KIT - $2200 and start with a 40% buying discount and automatic activation
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