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My daughter might have ingested some baby oil

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Today my 19 month old daughter brought me an open bottle of baby oil. I don't know how she got it from the dresser because she can't reach and it has a baby proof cap but she baby oil around her mouth and on her neck and shirt. So I assumed she probably tried to drink it. I don't know if she actually swallowed it because she doesn't drink ANYTHING but juice and water- she's so picky. Anyway I called the doctor and poisen control and they don't seem to be worried. They just said she might have some diarrhea. I still feel nervous. I looked online at ingesting baby oil and it said worse case scenario a baby could inhale it and if it gets in their lungs they can get lung failure and even die from it. So far she hasn't shown any side effects not even diarrhea so maybe she spit it out once she got it in her mouth. Do you think I should be worried or am I overthinking it?
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I would keep a close eye on her. If the doctor and poison control didn't seem worried about it I wouldn't worry too much. I would take their opinons over a website any day. People at poison control are trained very well in this area. I know there are some nurses and former nurses on here. Maybe they would have some more insight. Not to sound like I am putting you down but please keep it away from your dd just incase. It should be treated as anything that a child shouldn't ingest or inhale. What did the bottle say?
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I kept the baby oil in a basket with her diaper rash cream and baby items like that high on a dresser. I'm thinking one of her older brothers might have gotten it down and she picked it up. The ingredients in it are mineral oil and frangrance but it gave a warning to not be inhaled. Keeping a close eye on her is the only thing I can do right now. I plan on checking on her a couple times during the night but other than that I'm just praying nothing comes out of this.
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I am praying as well. I hope I didn't come off as insulting that wasn't my intention. I wanted to give a gentle reminder.
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I think that if she had inhaled it by now she would be showing signs of distress.

I think she is ok!!!
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Thanks for the comforting words. Don't worry Noahsmommy it takes alot to offend me. I will only get offended if you start calling me names. I just don't want anyone to think I am careless and keep the stuff in arms reach or anything. I was making dinner at the time and she was playing in her room. I did put it up in the medicine cabinet right after that though. I should have done it before but she is so small I didn't think she could reach it yet. I'm trying not to worry about it but there that little voice in the back of my head that keeps saying "what if something bad does happen".
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If she had aspirated baby oil into her lungs YOU'D KNOW IT!!!!! Trust me. That's not something that will show up later. If the doctor and poison control don't seem worried then you're probably fine. My guess is she probably just spit it out.
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Baby oil is nothing but mineral oil with a bit of scent added to it. When we were kids, my mom gave us mineral oil as a laxative. That's why poison control told you that the worst that would happen would be diarrhea.
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How is your daughter doing?
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Thanks ladies. I'm thinking now that she probably spit it out since it was on her shirt collar. She hasn't had any problems so far. I've been paying attention to her breathing and making sure she doesn't seem sick. She's been just fine so I feel better today. Phoenyx, I read about that yesterday when i googled the situation trying to find out if I should be worried. I guess people use it alot to stay regular?? So its not bad if its swallowed. I guess it is if its inhaled and gets into their lungs that it becomes bad. But you are right aliadam, she probably would have shown signs right away if she had inhaled. I had just read some article yesterday that it could take up to 2 weeks to see signs of inhilation so it had me worried.
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