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Hulu vs. cable

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Has anyone gotten rid of cable & gone with hulu? What is your opinion?
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what exactly is hulu? Can you only view the shows on your computer? Dh was telling me something about a cable you connect from your computer to your TV. To be honest, I wasn't exactly listening to him.
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I have no idea what hula is either!
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Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free. Here is the website. From what I have heard (and just saw when checking out the website) you can watch TV shows rigth from the computer. I guess you can plug your computer into your TV with an HDMI cable and it plays right from the computer but onto the TV.
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I don't think it would work out for our family only because we have just one computer and sometimes while the tv is on another is online. It would get sticky I am sure
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I like Hulu, but you don't get it all, but quite a lot for free. You can also access many shows straight from the networks' websites. I've got a dual monitor setup, and watch TV on one monitor while I work on the other (at home/not work). You can also attach your laptop to your tv, although I never do.
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We have actually gotten rid of our satelite and watch our shows online. I have to say that I like that I can watch things when I want. We have hooked up our computer to our tv so we don't have to watch the shows on the computer screen. It does get frustrating though when episodes haven't been put up yet. Hulu also doesn't cover everything and I am starting to wonder what to do with children shows. i haven't done alot of searching yet but i am curious if there is a site that has children shows.
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we love hulu. we have basic basic cable for 15 a month, but the kids watch caspar the friendly ghost and other kid shows on Hulu. Love it!
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Dh would never go for Hulu vs cable - he would miss his sports too much and I would miss HBO - really looking forward to True Blood starting again next month - figure I will probably cancel it though when the season is over. DH loves Hulu but would never give up cable unless it was absolutely necessary.
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I got sick of paying the outrageous price our company we went through charged for cable, I hardly watched it anyway. I got rid of the extended cable we never watch and instead invested $99.00 on the Roku box (1 time fee) and a $8.00 and some change membership to netflix per month now we can watch 1000's of movies and T.V. shows on our T.V. for a fraction of what we were paying for cable. $8.00 compared to $80.00. I prefer to watch movies anyway, and so do my children.
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