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Healthy snacks to bring to preschool

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It is dd's day tomorrow to bring the healthy snack for all the kids. Just looking for some new ideas since they always seem to be having the same things. Last time I made peanut butter balls and graham cracker sticks. I'm thinking about making some granola bars but like I said was wondering what other ideas you have. TIA!
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It's my dd's snack day tommorrow too (along with gingerbread house day-the school is going to make me broke this week- LOL!)! I am taking in frozen gogurt and animal crackers. The usual thing people bring in is animal crackers, grapes, peanut butter crackers. The usual- it's hard for me to come up with ideas when it has to be "healthy", the only reason why I am taking in gogurt is that it was on sale and I had a coupon- otherwise it would be animal crackers!
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How about having your child help you make a 'trail mix' kind of thing with a couple of kinds of cereal, pretzels, maybe nuts or raisins. You could serve it in little bathroom size Dixie cups or in cupcake holders. That would get your DD involved in 'giving' to her classmates too by having her help prepare it.
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We love to make these very healthy muffins w/pineapple, apple, carrots and raisins. Very yummy!! From guess where? lol!
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I don't have a name for them but I cut up a banana so you have a bunch of circles. I put a bit of peanut butter (this may not be allowed in your school due to allergies) on the banana then I top it off with a mini marshmallow. Yummy!
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It is my daughters day tomorrow as well, and we are making jello jigglers. Its funny because I had to mix three oranges and a green, and now some of the kids are getting a brownish colored treat. YUM.

Usually they have crackers, pretzals, fruit etc. I think we are a group of lazy moms at dds preschool
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Sarah favorite is to take cheese and crackers. I also send apples and pb. Spritz the cut apples with lemon juice to prevent browning and put a spoonful or 2 of pb in a solo cup. Grapes are good and easy to handle. Carrot sticks with ranch in a solo cup. I usually stick with fruits, veggies, and/or cheese. Then she takes Juicy Juice (no Hi-C or "fake" juice drinks). I think I'm the only one in her class that sends something actually nutritous. Everyone else, (I mean EVERYONE) brings goldfish crackers and teddy grahams. Sorry, but there's nothing nutritious about that.
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Thanks for all your replies. I made up a snack mix with rice chex, kix, teddy grahams, craisins and raisins and then cut up cheese in shapes along with milk since everyone seems to bring apple juice all the time.
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That sounds like a good idea. I get stuck with this too. I usually just end up sending a box of cheese crackers or animal crax. I will have to remember that.
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