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Why are my cats eating my cabbage plants?

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I started some cabbage plants from seeds recently. They were on the top shelf of the grow light unit that dh built for me. Since they were about 2-3" high and doing well, I moved them this week to the lower shelf. I needed the upper shelf to start some other seeds sprouting since the lights on the upper shelf are warmer and brighter.

Today dh caught one of the kitties eating the cabbage plants. It looks like they have wiped out half of the plants. This is so bizarre. Why are they doing this? Dh rigged up a barrier around the bottom shelf so they couldn't get to the remaining plants. As soon as he put it up, one of the kitties went right over and tried to claw it down. Dh initially thought they were trying to use it as an additional litter box, but he found one of them actually eating a plant.

Are cabbage plants really that tasty??? This concerns me because once these new seeds sprout, they will need to be rotated to the bottom shelf as I have yet more seeds to start. I like our kitties, but they need to stay OUT of my seedlings.

Maybe I need to move the unit to a locked part of the basement. It's a heavy contraption, so dh is going to balk at moving it.
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My house cats will EAT any and all my plants that I have where they can get them. In the summer time I grow grass for them inside. I try to kep it up in the winter but my new low e glass windows and sliding glass door kills the grass.
I have to have them all to where my cats can't get tho them.
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My cat that died this past fall ate more seedings that I can list. Use to drive me crazy back when she was alive but now it makes me kind of sad.
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I read somewhere that if you get a cloth or a sponge and soak it in vinegar and put it by the garden area that they will leave it alone.
I have no idea if it works or not
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Didnt see anything on cabbage plants but hope this may help some
How to Stop Cats Eating Plants: Strategies to Prevent Felines from Destroying Plants
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Because they are cats.
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I guess this is just a cat thing? I don't have any houseplants, so they've never had an opportunity to snack on those.

Thanks for the help. I'll tell dh we need to barricade the grow unit or else move it somewhere safer.
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We have six cats and NO plants in our house. We have one particular cat that will eat any plant: real, silk, dried, I even caught him licking a picture of a plant! So it's easier to just keep the plants out of the house.

The only other option I can suggest is a terrarium. But they don't usually hold very much.
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