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CONSIGNMENT SALES!!!!! It's amazing the quality things you can buy there. I completely outfitted my dd in brand name gorgeous clothing for the first couple of years by going to one consignment sale in the fall and one in the spring. Definitely the way to go!

Also, don't be afraid to try off name diapers and formula. My favorite diapers for dd were Target brand, and she did great on Sam's formula after my Enfamil samples ran out. I checked with my doctor and he gave me the green light for it ... said they were all basically the same thing, so go with price. Now I'm doing the same thing with my 4 mo. old ds.
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When they stopped making diaper doublers, I searched for a replacement (their replacement was twice the cost!) We use the Walmart brand of poise pad, or heavy duty overnight sanitary napkins to help with the "overflow" at night. It works almost as well.
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2 words! Cloth diaper!
I have spent about 250$ on our "stash." This will most likely carry me through potty learning on my little one. If you figure the $80 or so a month I was spending on sposies, it has long since paid for itself. And since I don't pay for my water or electricity it is extra thrifty for me! If you don't want to spend alot, make your own! There are free patterns and tutorials all over the web! You can make them from fabric scraps even.
If you are going to go to cloth diapers you might as well do cloth wipes too! Get a separate color for bottoms than you use for hands and faces. Saves me a ton in disposable wipes as well. It has also been the motivating factor in us going to cloth napkins/dishtowels vs paper. So if you figure that in we are really saving quite a bit!
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making my own baby toys.. I have reused soda bottle and put bells, glitter, coins and bright paper scraps in them then super glued the lids. They love to look at all the bright stuff moving around. I have also made my own puzzles and books with pictures from magazines and family members. Old cell phones and keys have been a favorite at our house too.. even better if in an old small purse just like mommy uses. Reduce and Reuse!!
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SIGN UP!! Sign up on every website of every company that makes baby products of every kind, and the coupons and free samples will start to pour in. Have you friends and family do it to (they will not mind helping out your precious baby). These companies will send you formula samples by the truckload, diaper bags, sippy cups, bottles, spoons, feeding tools, breast pads, and COUPONS galore. Sign up with every diaper company and they will send you free samples, there is no sense in spending money on an ENTIRE pack of diapers that might not be a good fit for your baby, try out the samples, see what works best for you, and then you can start using those coupons, esp if you find that a brand name diaper like Huggies, Pampers, or Luvs works best for you! My son is 11 months old and I have NEVER not had a coupon for diapers or wipes, and the company sends them for free, no buying a Sunday paper!!

Also ASK, post wanted list on freecycle for SEALED baby formula, cereal and jarred food, and diapers (I like it all to be sealed for extra saftey) alot of people are giving it away and need a home, also ask at the hospital and drs office, the companies send THEM samples to give out so they are avaliable, I asked shortly after my son was born at our drs office if they had any tylenol samples, he had just had shots and I was to exahusted to take my newborn to Walmart and low and behold they gave me not one but TWO!!

So ASK and SIGN UP!!
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Many grocery stores have baby clubs that you can sign up for. They will send you samples and coupons every so often. Awesome deals to be had, especially if you sign up your family and friends too.
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Craigslist or freecycle, you can find so many great deals or free baby items. Just the other day bought a like new baby walker/saucer for $15! It was still selling at Target for $45!! And on Tuesday I am going to pick up some baby girl clothes I got off freecycle, price was free obviously!
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Is it ok to enter twice?
I have recently discovered daily bargain sites. You can get some really nice stuff for like 50% off. Warning though, you have to be able to only purchase stuff you would need anyway, otherwise it is not really very
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I like ebay. Before our daughter was born I found a huge lot of baby girl clothes 0-6 months for $20 and $5 shipping. There were a ton of piece outfits...a few really cute outfits...socks...hats! I was so excited when it came! It was all mostly pink and very girly!!!! I loved it! I still get a lot on there. A great place to look for gifts...birthdays, Christmas, etc.
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Congratulations Kayleezmom. Your entry on April 3rd reserved a spot for you in our Grand Prize drawing.

My baby bargain is that I save all baby coupons and then watch sales on items such as diapers, wipes, creams, lotions. I stock up when there are sales and my stores double the coupons. When I have a baby shower to go to, I will get an inexpensive basket and fill it with all the staples I've gotten on sale and add a few toys or little socks that I pick up on sale as well. Wrap it up fancy in cellophane and it looks like an expensive, but USEFUL gift basket. I know it's nice to give the fancy decorative items, but we all know that the basics are what we can always stock up on and use all the time! The "mom to be" will be happy! : ) I have already started stocking up for my sister expecting her second any day now!
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